8 Jun 2015

Five Innovative Storage Ideas

Where do you put all the ‘stuff’ in your house that doesn’t have a proper home? If you’re looking for space-saving concepts that will turn any room into a work of art – or at least keep your things organized – here are five innovative storage ideas:

Innovative Storage Ideas

  1. Convert a wine rack into a towel holder. Take a wall-mounted wine rack out of your cellar and in to your bathroom. Wine racks make the perfect storage compartments because you can roll your towels up neatly inside each slot. If you don’t have a free wall in your bathroom, try a smaller freestanding wine rack instead!

  2. If you’re like everyone else on this country, you’ve probably got shoes for every season. From boots to flats to sneakers, there never seems to be enough place to store your footwear between seasons. At the end of the cold season, clean off the bottom of your boots and put them in plastic bin. Shove the bin under a bed or wherever you have space. For the warmer months, try a DIY shoe rack made out of a small stepladder. You can simply hang shoes on the rungs by the heels and you’re good to go!

    Give everyone in the house their own rack and let the kids paint theirs in whatever colours they want. Or go chic by spray painting a metal rack black. When it’s time for boots again, put your sneakers and flats in the plastic bin you used to house the boots, fold the ladders up and stick them in a closet or under a bed, out of sight.

  3. Forgo coffee tables for steamer trunks. You don’t have to go to an antique store to steamer trunks; you can find modern versions at places like Ikea that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Paint them, stain them, treat them – you don’t want rings forming when someone forgets to use a coaster – and use them instead of a coffee table to store blankets, napkins, toys, basically anything that doesn’t have its own place.

  4. Keep balls and other sporting equipment off the floor and in place by using a stand up vase a storage unit. These are a great way to keep baseball bats, hockey sticks and golf clubs from being left out and in your way.

  5. Rent a storage unit for big things. If you have valuable dining ware or items you’re saving for a rainy day, don’t waste space by keeping them tucked away in your garage. House these items in a storage unit and only take them out when they’re absolutely needed.

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