7 Sep 2012

Canada to face off with Australia in Paralympic basketball finals

The Canadian Paralympic basketball ousted Great Britain in the recent semi-final game, beating out the host team in a final score of 69-52. The Canadians have not lost a game throughout the entire tournament and square off with the Australians on September 8 in a battle for the gold.

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The Australians took down the United States in a hard fought victory to give them a chance at the gold, but they know it won't be easy to take down Canada.

"It will be tough – Canada has a wealth of experience," Brad Ness, a team veteran, told the Australian Associated Press after beating the U.S. "(Canadian shooter) Patrick Anderson is probably playing the best basketball at the tournament here. It's a one man show, you've got to nullify him and hopefully he doesn't control the tempo of the game."

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