18 May 2015

5 Ways to Hide Valuables at Home

Although storage units often come with extra security not found in your own home, some people still prefer to keep their valuables at home. Nonetheless, it is important to keep your valuable possessions hidden for safe keeping. Should your home be burglarized, you don’t want the items to be left out in the open, nor do you want people that enter the home to ever be tempted to take them.

Storing Inside Air Vent

So what are the best places to hide valuables in your own home?

  1. A wall installed mirror with a storage unit behind it is a safe place to hide valuables. Even though the installation process is more tedious than other storage places throughout the home, it is worth it if you have many possessions to hide.
  2. Behind wall art is another sneaky storage resolution. By using a storage cabinet or bathroom medicine cabinet, you can create a piece of wall art that not only disguises your valuables, but adds character to your home. Use any materials you would like to create a piece of art that no one would ever guess hides your possessions behind it.
  3. Books are another wonderful place to hide small possessions such as money, jewelry and other similar items. Especially for those with extensive book collections, no one would ever think to check the inside of a book. You can purchase boxes in the forms of books or hollow out the inside of a book yourself.
  4. Create a fake air vent that acts as a small storage unit. Place the faux air vent wherever you would like. A hallway or extra bedroom would be ideal or even in a place set behind a large piece of furniture.
  5. For very valuable and seldom needed valuables, place them in an airtight container and place them at the bottom of a house plant urn. A burglar will never suspect that a houseplant carries value beneath its soil.

The mentioned hiding spots are all very unlikely to be targeted by a burglar. With that being said, there are places where valuables should not be kept. Some of these common storage places consist of jewelry boxes, water tanks, drawers, cookie jars, wall safes, filing cabinets, DVD cases, and CD cases.

Burglars do set their focus on these items and hiding valuables in them could be very unsafe should a theft occur. Be wise and think of unlikely spots to hide things that are sentimental or expensive.

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