9 Oct 2015

5 Ways Self Storage Can Benefit your Business

Self-storage will save you a lot of money in the long run, and we can prove it. Try putting any of these ideas to the test in your budget spreadsheet- you’ll see how much they can help.

Self Storage For Business

  1. Save Money on Office Space

    Savings on office space are the most significant benefits of self-storage. Storage space is much cheaper than office space. Depending on where you rent, a storage locker will cost you somewhere around $2/sq. ft per month, while office space, even cheap office space, will run you at least $8/sq. ft. As a result, every sq. ft of junk that you move out of your office and into storage will save you over $90 a year.

  2. Improve Office Aesthetics

    Offices have always looked better with less junk, but at no time has that been clearer than in the current culture of open-plan offices, high-creativity environments, and other features designed to improve investor confidence. Giant file cabinets and stacks of old equipment look amateurish these days, so move them all off site before investors and clients come to visit.

  3. Warehousing Stock

    If you produce merchandise, self-storage is a great way to keep extra stock on hand in case of a surge in sales. Instead of filling up your home, or your office, or renting actual warehouse space, just keep your goods in storage. Depending on your product, you may want to consider a climate-controlled unit. Electronics, clothing, and metal goods can all degrade in humidity, so consider an artificially dry locker.

  4. Buying Supplies in Bulk

    Bulk purchases are extremely cheap, and so is storage. Often, if you cost it out, the savings on bulk buys greatly exceed the annual rent on a locker. For example, let’s look at toilet paper alone- the difference between buying 2-ply rolls in 12-packs from an office supply store and buying them in bulk online is around 0.015 cents a square. With only 4 sq. ft of storage space, costing copy00 a year, you can hold 82000 sheets, a maximum savings of copy215. That’s just one possibility: printer paper, toner cartridges, boxes, and more all cost far less to buy in bulk and store than to buy in small amounts.

  5. Helps with Moves

    Moving offices is a nightmare that almost always ends in something important being forgotten. Make this horrible process a lot easier by starting with taking everything that matters most to an offsite storage locker. That way, anything you lose during the move process will be something you can miss. This is a quantifiable benefit: estimate the costs of losing even one important file, system, or object being lost, then weigh that against the costs for a month of storage.

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