2 Oct 2015

5 Tips To Decorating A Minimalist Home

Minimalism is the most important modern trend in home design, driven by articles on the beautiful minimalist homes of celebrities like Bryan Cranston. Some people simply want a simpler, cleaner, more “wealthy” look to their homes, while others are intrigued by the increased resale value provided by neutral tones and open floorplans. No matter your reasons, the following tips will help you succeed at a minimalist redesign.

Decorating Minimalist Home

  1. Reduce

    Minimalism simply cannot work with the amount of stuff in most homes. The first step of any move to minimalism is to go through all your things and categorize them into keep, store, recycle, and trash piles. Any items that you only use in certain seasons, or only a few times a year, should be put into storage.

  2. Combine Rooms

    Of all minimalist renovations, moving towards an open floor plan will have the most dramatic effect on your home’s resale value. This is because an open floor plan is not just about minimalist design; it’s about a dramatic shift in how people live. Gone are the days when women would prepare food in the kitchen, men would sit in the sitting room, children would play in the family room, and the three groups would meet in the dining room. Instead, new homeowners want spaces where men, women, children, and guests can all spend time together.

  3. Spend More on Less

    When you have less stuff, you want it to be more useful, attractive, and durable. Instead of buying chairs and chaises, buy one chair that can convert into a chaise with a storage ottoman. Instead of buying many kitchen gadgets, buy one high-quality Mixmaster. Not only will choosing quality over quantity help you achieve a minimalist look, but also it will save you money in the long run on furniture replacement.

  4. Everything in Its Place

    Make a permanent place for everything in your home. Whenever you have finished with a toy, device, or tool, put it back in its place. Only buy new things if you already know the place to put them. This prevents clutter, and only with a total lack of clutter does minimalist design work.

  5. Add More Light

    Light adds so much in a clean home. Open up windows, move large furniture out of the way, and buy large chandeliers or light fixtures. Choose low-heat high-efficiency light bulbs, like LEDS to add light without affecting the internal climate.

To know if minimalism is right for you, try just one of the above tips. Does it make you feel better? If so, consider taking the plunge into the minimalist lifestyle.

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