23 Oct 2015

5 Things To Look For In A Moving Company

Do you need to move some things into or out of storage? Here’s what to look for when hiring movers to come to your storage locker.


  1. Free Estimates

    Ideally, you should consider at least three estimates before choosing a moving company. Since there are so many ways of pricing moves, only a particular estimate for your exact situation can really tell you how much it will cost. There is no reason to pay extra for an estimate; if they want to charge you, just try a different company.

    Remember that estimates, even nonbinding ones, give you legal options as a consumer. You can sue in small claims court for compensation if the actual cost of a move is more than 10% higher than the estimate.

  2. Low Premiums for Extra Stops

    If you are just moving things into or out of storage, you will only need two stops. But, if you are also moving to a new place, you will need three or four: typically, from your storage locker to your new place, from your old place to your storage locker, and from your old place to your new place. Some moving companies charge a high premium for additional stops; some don’t.

  3. Smaller Trucks

    Especially with storage lockers, you’re probably looking at several small trips, rather than one huge truck. Save money by going with smaller trucks or vans.

  4. Lets You Pack

    Some moving companies save money on their insurance and guarantees by packing everything themselves. This might not be the best option for putting things in storage, for several reasons. First, you probably have already packed a lot of your things as part of your organization efforts. Second, the packing materials used by moving companies are not usually right for self-storage. They use a lot of cardboard, which goes musty quickly, and they are often too sealed up for easy access. Use plastic bins and pack them in a way that makes it easy to find objects you will want to take out later.

  5. Finds You Value

    Moving with a storage locker is a little unusual, and often a little outside the standard pricing structures of moving companies. When deciding how to charge you, a good moving company should try to find savings you can use to increase the value of their solution. These could include working with the free services offered by your storage company, determining which stages you can do on your own, and plotting efficient routes for the movers to follow. If they’re not interested in finding the perfect solution for you, they’re not right.

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