Home Office Storage Ideas
22 Mar 2018

5 Home Office Storage Ideas

Many people will rely on a home office as part of their livelihood simply out of convenience or necessity. Whether you work from home a couple of days a week and the home office space helps you maintain your focus better or if you run your entire business out of a home office, you may find these five home office storage ideas quite helpful. These ideas are meant to provide a more organized and productive workspace.

Utilize open shelving units to free up floor space

Floor space in your home office is the most important and therefore, a most expensive real estate in town. You want to make sure that your floor space is being used for the more crucial elements of an office such as your desk, filing cabinets, even some greenery like potted plants to help make the place more lively. Proper shelving can also help to optimize floor space by storing your boxes, files, folders and office supplies. Open wall-mounted shelves are a great option and are highly modern right now.

Built-in storage

In a home office, it is essential that your furniture pieces serve multiple functions. For example, your desk shouldn’t just be a desk, it should double as a storage space, with room for all of your computer components. The walls shouldn’t just be for hanging decorative mirrors and photos; they should also be utilized for hanging shelves or mounting bookcases. The copier, printer, and scanner should all be contained in the same device.

Store the cords

A very important home office storage idea is to make sure your cords are always out of the way. If you have a litany of cords coming out of all corners of your workspace, it is going to start to feel cluttered, and you may even start to interfere with your ability to navigate around your office with ease.

Go digital

One of the best things you can do to save on space in your home office is to make as much of your documentation digital as possible. If you are currently getting invoices sent via snail mail or have vendors sending you things that could easily be sent via email, request that they start sending it to you this way. These important documents can now be stored safely on an online drive.

Self-storage unit

If you have utilized all the available space you have and have made as much of your paper digital as you possibly could and still find yourself in need of space, perhaps a self-storage unit located near you may be needed.

Working from a home office can be incredibly convenient and comfortable, but you need to know how to get the most out of the space. This handy tips may help to keep your home office running as efficiently as possible.

For more information on self-storage spaces available in your area for your home office, contact Jiffy Self Storage at (416) 745-4339. Our professional staff will be happy to help you with all of your storage needs!

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