Putting Summer Equipment Into Storage
11 Dec 2017

4 Ideas For Putting Your Summer Equipment Into Storage

It is that time of year again for many people. We are getting into late fall, snow is already starting to fall in some regions of the country, and it’s time to start thinking about relocating that summer equipment to make way for the winter gear.

Summer equipment, whether it’s gardening tools or machinery, should be stored with care in short term storage so that it is ready to go and in good condition when it comes time to take it out the following spring or summer. If you are getting ready to store your summer equipment away for the winter, below are four ideas to help you get it done efficiently and effectively.

Fill the Tanks

If you are putting away anything that runs on gasoline (such as lawnmowers and other landscaping tools), you are going to want to make sure you put everything away with gas in the tank. Leaving an empty tank in something like a lawnmower, especially if it is a ride-on mower, allows water to build up in the tank over the winter, which can damage the tank, and can ultimately end up damaging the engine.

Take Batteries Out

Additionally, if you are putting anything into short term storage that runs on a battery (like the aforementioned lawnmower), again, just like a car, you are going to want to remove the battery before putting it away into storage. This preserves the battery’s charge and prevents it from losing efficiency over the long, cold winter months.

Vertical Storage

It’s never a good idea to leave summer equipment lying on the ground throughout the summer, but it’s an even worse idea to do it over the winter months. If your storage unit doesn’t already come equipped with vertical storage options (such as wall-mounted shelves), you might want to invest in a hanging rack so you can safely store important, usually expensive pieces of machinery and equipment off the ground, and out of the way of any water or anything else that might seep in.


It is a good idea to clean anything that you are putting into short term storage (furniture, clothing, etc.) before it goes in, because extended periods of non-use can end up making dirt and grime very tough to remove when you take things out months later. This is how stains become permanent, paint cracks and chips, and things just start to wear down.

Putting your summer machinery and equipment into a self storage unit is a great option because it frees up space for the seasonal winter stuff you are going to need, and provides you with peace of mind, because your important summer equipment is in a safe, secure place.

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