DIY Ideas For Plastic Storage Bins
2 Oct 2017

4 DIY Ideas For Plastic Storage Bins

Sometimes all it takes to get a lot out of a little is some creativity. Many people find themselves at a loss when it comes to creating additional storage space for themselves around their homes. The modern home is certainly getting smaller, and knowing how to make the most out of household items to create storage space is key if you are to be a successful modern homeowner. There are dozens of great, cheap self storage options out there if you are willing to get inventive. Below are four DIY ideas for plastic storage bins.

Toy Box

If you have a little time to spare picking out a nice burlap fabric and wrapping paper (both of which can be found at your local dollar store) you can make a great, inexpensive self storage version of a toy box. If you have kids and want a new and easy way to make toy storage simple, a DIY toy box made from a plastic storage bin is a great idea.

Top Entry Cat Litter Box

Top entry cat litter boxes are generally more expensive than your standard front entry box. If you have a plastic storage bin hanging around, however, all you need is a box cutter and some stair tread carpet to quickly (and cheaply) turn an old plastic storage bin into a top entry cat litter box.

Christmas Ornament Storage

Nowhere is cheap self storage more appreciated than when it comes to storing holiday items and decorations. Holiday and seasonal decorations can eat up a lot of space around the home, so cheap self storage options which take advantage of household items are a great workaround. Two plastic rods drilled lengthwise into the sides of a plastic storage bin provide a great way to keep Christmas ornaments safe and secure while they are not in use.

Backyard Water Pond

The backyard water fountain idea for an old plastic storage bin is pretty straightforward. Simply dig out a hole as deep as the bin. Surround it with whatever plants or decorative elements you think look great, and then fill the bin with water, rocks, some goldfish, or whatever else you like, and you are in business.

Finding ways to turn common household items into completely new devices/features/tools in and around your home is not only practical, they provide fun little side projects you can do over the weekend, or together as a family. The above are just four of the many uses you can get out of old plastic storage bins.

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