15 May 2015

19 Unusual Storage Unit Finds

People often store away some of the most unusual items. Whether they don’t want them displayed in their homes or simply don’t have space to store them while moving to a smaller location, odd findings are a normalcy in storage units!

Unusual Storage Unit Finds

When storage units are left unpaid for or forgotten, there is a certain amount of time in which the owner of the unit has before they can open the unit and keep or auction off the contents inside. While this is all according to the law within the area you reside in, many storage unit owners have found some astonishingly weird items being stored away, as often seen on shows like ‘Storage Wars.’

So what are among the strangest things ever recorded to have been found in abandoned storage units?

  1. A Live Grenade
  2. Three Thousand Year Old Seeds
  3. NASA Rocket and Countdown Clock
  4. Never- Released Songs from Michael Jackson
  5. Personal Belongings of Burt Reynolds
  6. Aretha Franklin’s Clothes
  7. A $1 Million Comic Book that Belonged to Nicholas Cage
  8. 1937 Bugatti 57S Worth $9 Million
  9. A Copy of Knight Rider (K.I.T.T.)
  10. Cremated Bodies
  11. A Collection of Gas Masks
  12. An Amputated Leg
  13. Madonna’s Stalker’s Storage Unit- Headless Doll, Knives, Barbie Backpack, Tchotchkes, Clown Mask
  14. Severed Body Parts that Belonged to Dr. Berkland of Florida
  15. Used Toilets
  16. An Extensive Adult Toy Collection
  17. Dinosaur Jawbone and Other Dead Animals
  18. 238 Cats and 2 Dogs
  19. Chicago Bulls Championship Rings

When it comes to storage units sold at auction, you never truly know what you are going to be bidding on! You could quite possibly be wasting your money, or you could strike it rich with a sweet surprise. However, you may very well come across some strange and unpleasant items as well.

Bidding on storage units could potentially help you profit. After you purchase the unknown items in the unit at auction, you can do with them as you please. The items now belong to you, no matter how valuable or weird they may be. Auction bidding on storage units often becomes a hobby and fun way for people to discover some crazy and unique finds!

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