1 Sep 2015

What Kind Of Storage Boxes Do I Need?

The ways we might store electronics, dishes, and clothing are all very different! Fortunately, there are many different options for storage boxes to accommodate and protect each and every one of our items.

Storage Boxes
Plastic Storage Boxes

Plastic storage boxes are a lightweight, inexpensive storage option. The good thing about plastic storage boxes is that they keep moisture out. However, that can be a negative because plastic storage boxes don’t breathe, and therefore will trap any moisture inside.

In case of this happening, it is a good idea to place silica gel packs in with your storage. Silica gel is a dehumidifying agent, which can absorb any excess moisture that may harm your belongings.

The types of plastic storage boxes vary greatly. Look into which brands are known for being durable. You want to make sure the box you are buying doesn’t crack, chip, or break easily. Another thing to check is how waterproof the box is. Make sure the lid works to keep any water out.

Of course it also depends what you are putting in the boxes. A lighter box may work fine for lightweight items like clothing or Christmas lights. If you are storing items like tools, or other heavyweight equipment, you should look into outdoor plastic bins, which are much tougher than the flimsier indoor ones.

Overall, as long as you’re buying a good quality plastic storage box, there are few downsides. Just make sure the box is durable enough for what you want to store in it, and that it is completely waterproof!

Cardboard Boxes

Storing things in cardboard boxes is a cheap and traditional approach. For long-term storage, however, cardboard boxes can be problematic.

Cardboard is not waterproof, and can easily disintegrate or grow mould if exposed to water. It is also susceptible to being eaten through by pests.

If you are choosing to use cardboard, make sure the boxes are being stored in a dry, climate-controlled, clean facility with no exposure to pests or water. It is also a good idea to elevate cardboard boxes off the floor, in case of any moisture. You can use wooden pallets or boards to do this.

Aluminum Storage Boxes

Not an inexpensive option, but a durable one, aluminum storage boxes are usually weatherproof, providing top-notch protection from any outside elements.

Usually equipped with heavy-duty locks, aluminum can be a good choice for valuable objects, very climate-sensitive objects, or tools.

Whatever you choose to store your possessions in, make sure they are housed in a clean, climate-controlled, secure, and professional facility. Contact us today for any questions or concerns about your storage options!

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