11 May 2015

11 Smart Ways to Hide Your Clutter

People often get discouraged when it comes to finding new and innovative ways within the home to disguise and hide clutter. There are many simple ways to do so and all of them are easy enough to do on your own.

Hollow Out Books

  1. Use toilet paper rolls to hide cords that aren’t being used. This works well for all of those USB cables that are often left lying around the home.
  2. Use a photo box and cut out holes in the back of the box to reel cords through. Then take the decorative box and place it on a shelf where most of the electronics are. This is especially good for entertainment stands. You can even hide the power strip inside of the box.
  3. Utilize a small kitchen drawer by drilling out a hole in the back and adding a power strip inside. Use this to charge your phone, tablet or laptop when they are not in use.
  4. Create secret storage units. By creating an elevated floor in a single space, you can add extra storage by lifting the floorboards and adding drawers. You can also use the underside of staircases for added storage. This may require the help of an architect.
  5. Hollow out old books to hide valuables in.
  6. Disguise ugly light switches, outlets and thermostats by placing wall art over them or by hanging framed pieces all around them so that they are cleverly disguised.
  7. Create a built in waste bin where garbage can be thrown into a hole cut out of the counter. You can also hide garbage cans in cabinets or small storage closets.
  8. Cover up old, unused wall vents with hanging art pieces.
  9. Hideaway your office machinery or copy machine by placing it in a cleverly designed drawer. While the drawer looks like it would pull out like any other drawer, you can simply pull the cover down when you need to use the machine.
  10. Create funky wall art with cords that run from ceiling to floor. Use nails to wrap the cords around or staples to keep the cord in place. Many people create a cityscape this way which gives a modern appeal to their décor.
  11. Forget hiding it at home and rent a storage unit! If most of your clutter is seasonal (winter wear, summer patio furniture, etc.), rent a storage unit so you can get your mess away from your home altogether.

It is easier than you think to hideaway clutter, it just requires thinking outside of the box! Don’t be afraid to create your own ways to disguise clutter and try to come up with some new innovative ways.

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