Self Storage Is Becoming Popular In Cities
5 Mar 2018

Why Self Storage Is Booming In Big Cities

Self-storage has always been popular, but lately, it is becoming increasingly more popular in big cities across the country. People are finding self-storage spaces can be used for so many other purposes above the more traditional reasons. Creative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit are helping people utilize self-storage units for a range of purposes. If you are wondering why a lot of people you know have mentioned they have a self-storage unit, below are some reasons why self-storage seems to be booming in big cities:

The nature of work

The nature of work in the 21st century is such that people are now, more than ever, moving around in search of economic opportunities. People are outgrowing the norm of growing into adulthood, working full-time, and raising a family in the city where you were raised in. In this modern world, work often encourages people to relocate throughout their career which means building a new home in different places with the growing need to store all of your belongings when it is time for that big promotion on the other side of the country (or world).


Many entrepreneurs and small business owners in big cities are also realizing that storage units are incredibly versatile. What was once seen as just a space to keep unwanted seasonal clothing or old family heirlooms that no longer fit in the attic is now also seen a space to keep inventory for an online shop or a place to store important documents.

Less space

One of the defining features of 21st century living in big cities is the conspicuous lack of space. More and more people are moving to the big cities of the world especially in the west, and that often results in paying premium costs for space. Apartment living is becoming more expensive, and as a result, spaces are becoming smaller. Self-storage is booming in cities because people simply don’t have enough space for all of their things in their apartments and the storage locker allotted to them by management. Off-site storage is becoming increasingly popular in big cities, and self-storage facilities are stepping in to pick up the slack.

Adapting to modern living in a big city is almost getting to the point where it is synonymous with having minimal space. A lack of space means space options, which is where self-storage units come in. They provide unique ways for people to maximize the amount of space they have available to them and are even capable of helping people run businesses and store inventory, given the astronomically high costs of commercial and office space in big cities.

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