Most Common Items Found In Storage
23 Feb 2018

What Are The Most Common Items Found In Storage

Millions of people all over North America rely on self storage units to help them clear out and use space they desperately need. Other people utilize self storage units as places for items they aren’t sure what to do with, such as things they’ve inherited, or as places to keep items in transition. Whatever people use a self storage unit for, there are some trends and themes one tends to notice if you’ve seen the inside of enough units. Below are some of the most commonly found items in self storage units.


Furniture is one of those self storage perennial favourites. People always seem to be acquiring new furniture, but getting rid of old furniture can be difficult. Because furniture is one of the household items which tends to take up the most space, it is a prime candidate for self storage.


Similar to furniture, mattresses are another commonly found item in self storage units. Most people use their mattresses until the end of their useful lives, or very near to the end, and then upgrade to something newer and more comfortable. It is hard to tell when a mattress is no longer usable, so many people put old, but not necessarily useless mattresses into their self storage units to save for a rainy day, or with the intention of one day giving it to someone else.


People can find it very difficult to get rid of clothing, especially clothing they have had for a long time and which has a lot of memories attached. This is true even if it is something that never gets worn. Rather than risk throwing something away or donating it, only to later regret the decision, many people simply put their old clothes into boxes or garment bags and place them in self storage.


Collectors’ items are another fan favourite in self storage units. People collect all manner of things, and often those things simply don’t have anywhere to go other than a self storage unit. This is especially true for people who collect antiques, or things like hats, books, etc.

Self storage units hold all manner of items, and when you open one, you never know what you are going to find. You can, however, make some pretty accurate predictions based on what you tend to see over the years. If you are wondering what you should, or what you can, keep in a self storage unit, the above list might give you some indication of what other people use theirs for.

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