13 Jan 2012

Poor Canadian economy leaves new graduates stuck in limbo

More students continue to graduate each year, but with the Canadian economy still unstable, many are left jobless, stuck in limbo and living with their parents with most of their belongings secured in self storage units, The Star reports.

Emily Kirsch, 22, graduated recently with a degree in communications, but after looking for jobs for several months, has found herself working at a restaurant in Mississauga.

"At least I have a job, some people don't even have that," Kirsch told the publication.

She added that some of her other coworkers have degrees in public relations and respiratory therapy, though all ended up working in the restaurant industry.

The Conference Board of Canada reports that unemployment rates between the ages of 15 and 24 are twice as high as the national average of 7 percent, mainly because citizens in this age group haven't had much real life experience.

"People sometimes refer to it as a lost generation – people who come into the labor market just when there's a recession," Tom Zizys, a fellow with a private family foundation in Toronto told the news source. "That's a scar that stays with them for some time."

As young adults continue to try and make a name for themselves in the working world, they can take in at least one sigh of relief knowing their possessions are safe in portable storage containers until they can afford to move out.

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