Benefits of self-storage for small business
20 Apr 2020

How Self-Storage Benefits Your Small Business

Many Canadian small business owners are looking for strategies to increase the efficiency and productivity of their companies. Some owners are turning to self-storage units, which can be valuable in a variety of ways. These benefits include storage for retail, files, office, or stock. Here are some ways you can use self-storage to your advantage for your business:

Cutting Costs

All small businesses are looking to save money where they can and reduce expenses. You may be considering renting a larger space just to store your items, but renting a storage space off-site can save you money and give you the ability to downsize.

Higher Security

Reputable storage companies, like Jiffy Self-Storage, operate in highly secure facilities with added security measures. With these security features, you can rest assured knowing you won’t have to worry about your inventory being stolen or harmed.

More Flexibility

Storage facilities offer a wide range of options and sizes suitable for any business. That way, you can choose a unit that works for your unique needs. If your business needs to meet higher e-commerce demands, then you can find a space that is best for you. Whether your company is in the process of expanding or scaling down, self-storage businesses will help cater to any changes and move into the unit of your choosing.

Easy Accessibility

No matter when your company needs to access their storage unit, self-storage companies offer flexible and convenient hours so you can retrieve your stock.

The Help of a Storage Team

Some storage companies will go the extra mile and provide their customers with many logistical services. These services can include document and archive services, cataloging, scanning, document shredding, and delivery. Without having to worry about these tasks, you can devote extra time to your business’ needs.

Types of Businesses that Benefit from Storage Units

There are many types of businesses that can benefit from self-storage units. Commercial storage is convenient across many different types of industries, as many companies need affordable and secure units to conduct business effectively.

Here are some of the most common companies that use these spaces:


In the construction business, many companies use mobile trailers. Sometimes, they use these trailers for storing their items and transporting them to various sites.

However, you may want to consider a storage space as an alternative. Mobile trailers are generally more expensive, have additional fees for climate control, for example, and can be a hassle if there are zoning laws in a specific area or a job site lacks space. Trailers are also less secure and more prone to theft.

Also, many subcontractors do not have an office space, but still need to store all their equipment and materials like lumber, for instance. A self-storage unit is a secure space where you can keep your most essential supplies in a cost-saving way. Plus, you can easily access these spaces in a convenient location.


If you’re in the landscaping business, then you know that you have lots of equipment that needs to be stored as carefully as possible. Accessibility is especially crucial, as you’ll need to load and unload items quickly when travelling to various jobs. With a convenient storage unit, you can take what is necessary for each job instead of carrying your tools with you all the time.


Professional roofers also have various supplies that need to be organized specifically. If you need to store power tools and other roofing items, a short or long-term storage unit is an excellent place to hold these items.


A business that offers professional painting has various tools, such as paint sprayers, and would benefit from a functional space. However, be sure to research what items you are allowed to store in a storage unit.

Retail and eCommerce

If you are a retail business with a brick and mortar location or online space, more storage space is crucial, as you’re likely to have a lot of inventory. Plus, you need to consider that you likely have larger items such as display fixtures or trade show booth supplies that need safe storage where they won’t be damaged.

Restaurants and Catering

Catering or restaurant businesses have a large amount of oversized equipment that would benefit from a storage unit. In a dining lobby, it’s essential to utilize the square footage to increase profits as a restaurant owner. Plus, restaurant or catering businesses generally have a single commercial kitchen space as a way to lower overhead costs. Many commercial kitchen spaces don’t have room for supplies like table decor, linens, and dishware. That’s why a self-storage space is such a convenient option, especially since they are easily accessible for any upcoming events.

General Commercial Benefits for Businesses

Commercial storage spaces can be beneficial to any type of business that has general needs. For instance, business files and legal documents can take up too much space. These documents may be necessary to keep, but a hassle if left around the office. A storage unit has a regulated climate, so it can protect such documents from various temperatures.
As well, if these documents only take up a minimal amount of room, then you have the convenience of renting a smaller storage space.

Many people are turning to self-storage for their commercial needs. Storage space can be an asset to any small business and increase efficiency.

At Jiffy Self-Storage, we cater our storage services to individuals and companies of all sizes. We know the challenges that come with starting and maintaining your own business, and we want to make the process as simple as possible for you.

Reserve your space today and learn more about what we offer our clients by visiting our contact page, reading through our website, or calling 416-74-JIFFY (54339). We pride ourselves on top quality storage for individuals and small businesses and look forward to providing you with storage services specific to your needs.

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