Advantages of using self-storage while deployed
12 Mar 2020

Advantages of Using Self-Storage While Deployed

Being deployed isn’t easy, but knowing your belongings are safe while you’re away is a big help. Self-storage in Toronto can help military personnel in many ways until they return home. If a deployment is in your future, and you’re looking for ways to save money, protect your belongings and utilize your space to the fullest by using self-storage in Toronto.

Jiffy Self-Storage serves the Greater Toronto area with a variety of self-storage options. With differently sized units and varying price points, there’s something for everyone. If you’re with the Canadian Armed Forces and interested in the benefits of storing during deployment, here are a few of the top advantages:

Avoid Rent Until You Come Home

One of the best reasons to place your belongings into self-storage during deployment is to save money. Rent in Toronto is expensive, and it seems almost criminal to have to pay all that money while you’re away protecting your country.

If you’re able to find a sublet or get out of your lease during deployment, self-storage will keep your belongings safe for a much cheaper monthly rate than an entire apartment.

When you return home, getting your belongings back is as simple as using the key or code to unlock your unit and retrieving what you need. This is especially great for military members who may be facing multiple trips away from home. Sometimes deployment is followed up by training opportunities, so your storage space is available to you while you need it.

Save Money with Military Discounts

Another amazing benefit to self-storage during deployment is that many facilities offer a military discount. Getting a great rate on storing your belongings makes the decision simple. Not only do you save on rent, but you don’t pay the same price civilians do to store their stuff.

Depending on the company you choose, you might get a special promotion combined with your discount. There’s nothing quite like a month or two of free storage, with an additional 10% off to sweeten the idea of keeping your furniture in a storage space for deployment. Contact your nearest Jiffy Self-Storage in Toronto for details on individual price plans and discounts.

Protect Belongings from Theft

Being deployed means leaving your furniture, heirlooms, and valuables alone and unattended for months at a time. For some men and women, this is stressful, especially if you’ve been posted to an area where your family isn’t close at hand to check in on your house while you’re gone. Storing things you want to keep safe helps protect them from theft during deployment.

It’s a sad notion, but when dishonest people learn that a home is left unattended for a long period of time, even when the owner is serving our country, they are more likely to break in. Save yourself the worry while away by storing everything from your hockey cards to your coin collection by using Jiffy Self-Storage in Toronto.

More Room for Your Roommates

If you’re not married or settled down, the chances are you have a roommate. Most young military personnel choose to house with roommates to save on costs and have somebody in the house while away on deployment. When you go, you leave your roommate with a huge home all to themselves, cluttered with your belongings, which won’t be in use.

Self-storage allows you to empty your room and let your roommate have friends and family over while you’re away. It also provides a safe place for your belongings if you’re concerned your roommate, or people your roommate knows, may invade your personal space and damage anything you don’t want to be damaged.

One of the fantastic things about self-storage is you can put as much or as little away until you need it again. Self-storage can handle anything, from emptying a bedroom or hiding your guitar collection, until you come home.

Earn Money from an Empty House

Whether you have a roommate or not, self-storage gives you the option of renting out your room or home while you’re away. This helps you manage mortgage payments, electricity and internet costs, and any other bills which might crop up while you’re in another country.

At Jiffy Self-Storage, we have different storage unit sizes and prices to fit the needs of our clients. Whether you want to store everything aside from the kitchen sink, or you’re leaving the place furnished but want to keep your valuables in safety while a new tenant is in, we can help.

Self-storage in Toronto is far less expensive than rent or mortgage costs. When you store your belongings to earn money from new tenants during deployment, you make more than you spend. This could turn into a hefty nest egg for your return and help you pay for future mortgage payments, upgrades, or a much-needed vacation.

Live with Less but Keep it All

For military members with families, a house makes sense; and of course, your loved ones are there to use the things that make your house a home. However, for those who are single, the idea of living in barracks between deployments sometimes makes life simpler. Of course, you may not want to give up all the things you’ve accumulated over the years simply because you’re living life with less.

Storing your belongings in self-storage allows you to keep all the items you hold dear, without the need to relocate them every time you leave for work. Self-storage is an excellent way to lead a minimalist lifestyle without going fully minimalist.

To learn more about the advantages of using self-storage while you are deployed, call Jiffy Self-Storage at 1-416-745-4339 or contact us here.

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