Businesses that can be run out of a storage unit
14 Sep 2020

8 Businesses You Can Run Out of a Storage Unit

Entrepreneurship and business ownership has been on the rise and is fast becoming a popular route to make extra cash and build your brand. However, when the business gets going and you get busy, how do you find the extra space to handle demand while still keeping your home free of additional mess and clutter? With the help of self-storage facilities in Toronto, you can have a budget-friendly and comfortable space outside of your home to continue your business, store inventory, or just work in peace without distractions. Here at Jiffy Self-Storage, we offer business storage solutions that are climate controlled and cost-effective. If you have a business or are just getting started with an idea, read on to discover some of the types of businesses that can easily and conveniently be run out of a storage unit.

1. Thrift shop

If you have or accumulate a lot of old, vintage items, you can take the opportunity to move them to a storage unit and open up shop there. If you advertise online, you can keep your inventory at the storage unit, so you don’t crowd your home, and you can keep the items in pristine condition. Some vintage items such as artwork, jewellery, and more require climate-controlled conditions so that they don’t get damaged or deteriorate with age. At Jiffy Self-Storage, we can accommodate such items as our self storage units in Toronto are highly secure and climate-controlled.

2. Online business

Essentially, any online business where you are advertising and marketing items on Craigslist, Kijiji, or social media can thrive in a self-storage unit. It may even be easier and more convenient for yourself and customers if you have all the items for sale in one place that is not your home. It is safer because you are not exposing your home to strangers, but it can make buyers more comfortable as well. Also, you will save much more space in your home this way and have more room for new/seasonal inventory.

3. Art and homemade goods

In recent years, there has been a high demand for homemade art and crafts, as they bring a personal touch that is more unique than mass-produced items. If you are a painter or like to create art in any form, you may have thought of selling your art and starting a business this way. Using a self-storage facility, you can store your art the proper way with climate-controlled units, a convenient location, monitored fire systems, and a high level of security and damage control. This way, you can rest assured that your precious inventory is safe and that it stays in the best condition possible until you have a buyer. On the plus side, you can also store your extra paint brushes, canvases, and supplies in self storage if you need to.

4. Freelance content writing business

Any writer knows that peace and quiet is the ideal situation when you’re trying to get those creative juices flowing. Sometimes, that peace and quiet can be hard to find at home. Another way of utilizing a self storage unit in Toronto for your business is by turning it into your personal office away from home and any distractions. Set up a desk, computer, and writing supplies and you’ll be halfway there. In the long run, you’ll be thankful for the extra space to actually focus and concentrate.

5. Photography and video production

Are you a photographer looking for a great indoor space to shoot your clients or products without interruptions? Well, why don’t you create your set-up by using a self-storage unit? You can tailor the set to your needs or occasion, and your clients will get the chance to get comfortable and take some great photos. You can also set aside a space for editing the photos or videos afterward, just like you would at your home desk or office.

6. Freelance accounting

As with freelance writing, accounting can also be done in the comfort of your off-site storage unit. The major benefit here is that you can safely keep all important documents and archives in a secure location that no one else will have access to. This type of confidentiality and security will be a major advantage to your clients. You also get the added benefit of having a quiet workspace if you need a place without distractions to focus on work.

7. Handyman businesses

Are you handy around the house and good at fixing things? Maybe you have a bunch of tools and parts that are crowding your garage? In this case, a self storage unit could be a good option for setting up your workstation and running your own handyman business. You can keep all your supplies and tools in your self storage unit so that you have easy access when a job comes up.

8. Charities and fundraising

Another great way to utilize a self-storage unit is for charity, donations, or fundraising. You can easily keep track of all donations or goods that come in and organize your inventory properly, away from the home or office. Your self-storage unit will also be a confidential place for you to keep information and records about your organization.

Ultimately, a storage unit can be used for a variety of purposes, some of which many people don’t even think of. As an entrepreneur, you can think creatively on how to maximize the assets of your business—space being one of them. Let your business thrive with the use of a self-storage unit. For more information on self storage in Toronto and business storage solutions, please call Jiffy Self-Storage at 416-74-JIFFY (54339) or contact us here.

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