28 Oct 2016

5 Small Businesses That Can Benefit From Self-Storage Units

Just because you place the word “small” before the word “business” in no way implies that the business in question doesn’t have a whole lot of business-related supplies and items to deal with. A small office space belonging to a small business can quickly become cluttered with all of the furniture, electronics and filing space necessary for day-to-day operations. Below are five small businesses you can use your self-storage space for.

Small Businesses Which Benefit From Self-Storage

Independent publishing

Although publishing is becoming more and more digital with each passing day, publishers still keep a lot of physical product on-hand. Books and manuscripts quickly take up a lot of space. Rather than continuing to stack books or trying to pile them into your home’s storage space, a self-storage unit is a great, economic and convenient way to store product that you are not currently using.

Landscapers and contractors

Landscapers and contractors, perhaps more than any other small business, require a lot of space in order to store their tools of the trade. Lawnmowers, leaf blowers and assorted power tools often require a room of their own. Rather than trying to keep the administrative and physical side of the business contained in the same room, a self-storage space can help you separate the paperwork from the tools and make your personal office or home storage less cluttered.

Theatres and galleries

New pieces are constantly coming and going from art galleries and theatres. One exhibition comes in and another goes out. This coming and going can quickly pile up, leaving you with little space to run your business. A self-storage unit can help you warehouse items that you aren’t currently displaying or that belong to artists or performers.

Ebay or Etsy shop

The rise of the independent artisan through outline platforms is quickly becoming the sole source of income for many people. Many of these pieces being made and sold are handicrafts, items that have been accumulated bulk or second-hand and take up a large part of your business’ available storage space. Self-storage can let you store your raw materials or goods for sale.

Electronics repair

People who perform electronics repair, whether simple or sophisticated, often end up acquiring a lot of items which are not functional, but will be at a later date. The collection of broken, or in-repair electronics takes up space and makes it difficult to perform your work. A self-storage unit lets you keep on-hand only what you are currently working on and keeps the backlog out of sight and out of your way.

Self-storage is a great, outsourced warehousing option for small business owners, especially for those with growing businesses. If you find yourself running out of space to run your business, whether you do so from an office or your home, consider investing in a self-storage unit.

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