Tips for safe and secure moving
25 Sep 2018

4 Essential Tips for Moving

Moving is a stressful and hectic experience for many Canadians, and unexpected complications or setbacks can be detrimental to your move. Beyond the physical stress of moving, families often find themselves facing unexpected costs, increasing the financial burden that comes with moving. This process can be even more taxing when you are moving to a smaller home or apartment than your current building, and you need to find storage space for your extra belongings.

Storage space in Canada is at a premium, so price wars and marketing campaigns now dominate the self-storage industry. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce the stress of your next big move and make sure your belongings are safe and secure in a storage facility.

  1.  Choose the right sized unit

Choosing the right sized unit for your storage needs is the first step to finding the perfect storage locker for you. If your unit is too large, you are paying more than you should for storage. Conversely, if the unit is too small, you may not be able to fit everything and accessibility becomes an issue as well. Fortunately, at Jiffy Self-Storage, our team of storage experts is here to help you gauge your storage requirements and find the best unit for your unique needs.

Our mini units are just 5’ x 5’ x 5’, which allows you to store a few boxes, financial documents, and personal belongings at the lowest possible price. For larger items such as furniture, we have a range of unit sizes up to as large as 10’ x 20’ – about the size of a one-car garage – which could accommodate the storage of a three-bedroom house or apartment. Our staff will work with you to find the perfect sized storage locker for your unique storage needs.

  1. Pack your belongings properly

Because you are trying to maximize the efficiency of your storage space, it is important that your possessions are packed in a way that will allow them to be stored with ease. First, it is ideal to pack your heavy possessions in small boxes to make them easier to carry, while large, light belongings can be packed in large boxes.

Second, using consistent box sizes will make it significantly easier to transport and pack your boxes, as they will stack with ease. It is important to put the heavy boxes on the bottom of the stacks and light boxes on the top. All furniture and shelving should be dismantled as much as possible, so it is a good idea to have a basic toolbox around for the move. Sheets of plastic should be used to protect furniture and other delicate possessions from dust. There are dozens of packing tips available for movers, which should set you up with a solid foundation for your move. For more packing tips from our experiences storage professionals, explore our website here.

  1. Organize your unit

Once you have your belongings packed, it comes time to organize your unit. While most people simply drop their belongings in their unit and pack it away until everything fits, it is much more efficient to put some time and effort into organizing your storage unit. Not only will this save you time when transporting and unpacking your items, but it makes everything much more accessible should you need something unexpectedly.

First, you should label your boxes and pack them based on urgency and accessibility. If you anticipate you might need a specific box in the future, make sure it is easily accessible. Heavy and fragile boxes should be marked or flagged so you can spot them easily, and light boxes should be placed on top.

For larger units, it may be prudent to add a small aisle down the middle of the unit, allowing you to access boxes from the back in a safe and comfortable manner. For long-term storage, think about which items you will need to pick up first, and simply pack your unit so these items are closest to the door. Taking a few minutes to organize your unit now may seem like a chore, but it will save you a great deal of time and energy later. For more moving and organizing tips for the storage experts at Jiffy Self-Storage, check out our website.

  1. Take precautions to prevent injuries

Injuries are an exceedingly common occurrence during a move. Unfortunately, many of us overestimate our abilities when it comes to moving boxes and furniture. The truth is that moving is hard physical work. That kind of labour needs to be respected, and appropriate precautions must be taken to ensure the safety of each mover.

Back injuries are the most common. To combat this, first ensure that your boxes are packed to a reasonable size and weight, preventing injuries from overexertion. Next, choose a unit with a swing door, rather than a roll-up garage door, as it will prevent you from having to bend down frequently.

For large furniture and other heavy objects, try using a cart on wheels, dolly, or other tools to help make the move more convenient and less physically demanding. Back braces are essential for keeping your back straight when lifting, and steel-tipped shoes or boots protect your feet from heavy boxes or furniture falling on them.

Finally, moving gloves can ensure you always have a good grip on heavy objects. While there are dozens of tips for safety when moving, the important thing is to conserve your energy and not overexert yourself by carrying something too heavy for you to handle.
The most important thing about moving and storing your belongings is to be prepared well in advance of the moving date. By packing your belongings with care and intent, you can save yourself a great deal of stress, and likely some money.

For more information about our storage options, or to receive a quote based on your storage needs, call Jiffy Self Storage at 416-74-JIFFY or contact us here.

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