9 Sep 2016

3 Tips For Keeping Belongings Safe During A Move

With that big move in the coming weeks, your mind is probably already focused on how you’re going to design the new space and integrate the family. But it’s also important to think about the moving process. It’s during this time that priceless belongings can be broken and even lost—so, in this post, we’ll help guide you with three tips for keeping belongings safe during a move.

3 Safety Tips For Home Movers

  1. Commit to Smart Packing

    The packing process is the most important part of moving homes. It determines the safety of your belongings during transit. To begin the smart packing process, create an inventory of each of the items ready to be packed. This list can then be checked off as you pack each item. Remember to keep this inventory in a safe place during the moving process, so that it can be referred to as you complete your move.

    Reinforce all boxes with packing tape and make sure that heavier items are well-labeled and placed in separate boxes. When moving these items, remember to work in teams and to following safe procedures for picking up and transporting heavy items. You might also consider specialized packing products, such as wardrobe boxes for clothes. This type of moving equipment can help to streamline the move.

  2. Store Items That Don’t Have Value in the Short-Term

    If you’re moving into a new home, you might not have the required space for all of your older belongings. While you might want to keep your children’s old pictures and your wedding albums, these items don’t have to be kept directly within the home to be protected. Before you commit to moving these products, consider a self-storage option. Storage facilities can help keep your precious belongings safe and ensure they’re available for when you add more storage space within your new property.

  3. Buy Moving Insurance

    Working with a moving company can provide you with complete comfort as you complete the move. The company should have comprehensive experience within the local marketplace and should be able to prove this experience. You may also wish to purchase moving insurance. Insurance will ensure you’re compensated for any breakages or losses that occur as a result of your home move.

By following the tips within this post, you can help protect each of your precious items during the home moving process. To learn more, speak with our team today.

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