24 Mar 2011

Neatniks may want to opt-out of receiving Yellow Pages directory

Now that spring has finally arrived, many Torontonians are ringing the season in with one its rites of passage: spring cleaning. But just as people are de-cluttering by putting important documents into storage units, never-ending bills, phone books and magazines muddle one’s organization efforts.

Perhaps with these people in mind, the Yellow Pages group is reminding Toronto residents that they can opt out of receiving the print version of its directory if they so choose.

Consumers and businesses are taking advantage of the internet by going paper-less and the same seems to be happening with the Yellow Pages.

“While print directories remain consulted by 1 in 2 Canadians each month to find a business, it is only one of the search platforms we offer, the others being online and mobile,” said Annie Marsolais, director of corporate and marketing communications at Yellow Pages Group. “Therefore, we encourage Canadians who do not wish to receive the directory at their homes to opt-out of the delivery list.”

Opting out of receiving the bulky directory may help Toronto residents better organize their lives at work or at home by cutting down on clutter. According to a recent OfficeMax survey, a majority of respondents said clutter adversely impacted their productivity and happiness.

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