11 Oct 2010

5 Simple Ways to Substantially Reduce Your Moving Costs

Helpful Packing Tips and Hints on Moving

1.       Pack Everything!

Pack literally everything you have in good quality, filled and closed boxes.  Even if you have to spend some money on good boxes, you will save substantially.  Moving and stowing a box on the truck is much faster than moving individual items and having to find a secure place to store in on the truck.  Putting items in boxes also reduces damage, which will save you money too.

2.       Stage Boxes

Something as simple as putting all of your pre-packed boxes in the front room or garage of your home can be simple to do and greatly simplify your move.  This is something you can do in little bits in the weeks before your move, and save a lot of time on move day.

3.       De-Clutter

All professional movers will tell you from experience that many people have way too much stuff!  There is no point in moving something that will not be used at your new home, or that will simply be thrown out when you get there.

We recommend selling or donating surplus furniture as well as taking advantage of a garage sale or a junk removal service to get rid of unused or unwanted items.

4.       Be Prepared!

Start weeks before your move getting ready.  Check out our downloadable helpful checklist of things to do before your move by clicking on this link: http://firemenmovers.com/tips.php

Not being prepared on your move day can easily double the time (and cost) it takes to move you, as well as add to the stress, frustration and potential for damage to your contents.

5.       Ensure Easy Access to Your Home

This could be ensuring that the moving truck can park in front of your home (if parking is scarce).  Or it could mean clearing any snow or ice the movers may have to walk on.  Walking to and from the truck represents the majority of the time of a mover’s day.  Even if you can save a few steps or make this a bit easier it greatly speeds up the move.

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  • Posted on Oct 11 | 2010 By Mike Loshe

    Thanks for the share! De-cluttering is definitely an essential step since it will not only decrease the time it takes to pack but also will reduce your moving costs. If you are a pack rat like myself and hate getting rid of things, I would definitely look into getting a storage unit for your belongings. This way they aren’t take up valuable space in your home!

  • Posted on Oct 11 | 2010 By Allan

    Jiffy has storage facilities in Toronto that businesses use for seasonal storage of excess inventory and seasonal goods. Our storage units in Toronto are heated in winter and climate controlled during the summer thus greatly reducing any risk of damage due to mildew or mould.

  • Posted on Oct 11 | 2010 By self storage chester

    Thanks for posting and sharing valuable tips with all of us.I want to add one more .Use separate boxes for each room and put a minor stuff in those boxes like stationary items,like kitchen items like bathroom items,,etc etc .It will help you in organizing much better.

  • Posted on Oct 11 | 2010 By city2city

    When you need a place to store your vehicle over the winter months these guys are the best. If you need to move car you can contact them too.

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