11 May 2011

Gas prices reach an all-time high in Toronto

Toronto residents driving to work may have swerved a bit when they saw the price for a litre of gas.

According to Torontogasprices.com, the cost for a litre of gas has never been higher in the GTA, as in a 24-hour period, the price jumped 6.5 cents. The gas price tracking website says the average cost per litre in Toronto now stands at $1.39.

Another gas information website, GasBuddy.com, confirms that the Toronto area received a sudden increase in overnight prices, only they say the jump was slightly less significant at 6.3 cents more.

If the cost of gas in Toronto alone wasn’t maddening enough, TomorrowsGasPriceToday.com reports that compared to the rest of the world, Canadians pay 4 cents more per litre than what everyone else pays for domestically produced gasoline.

If gas prices continue rising, people may be heading for their storage units to grab their bicycles. Or, if people don’t have their own bicycle, they may take advantage of the new BIXI Toronto program that was launched earlier this month. BIXI Toronto is a new bike sharing program that allows Torontonians to take advantage of the city’s bike paths for a small monthly or annual fee. 

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