24 Apr 2013

Canada’s high-end priced home sales increase

The demand for luxury homes throughout Canada has been on the rise. According to the Toronto Star, there's recently been a surge in customers from Syria, Egypt and Europe who are gaining interest in the country due to the fact that its real estate market is softening. Most of the families are younger and initially moved to North America with the intention of settling down in America, but "fell in love with Canada instead," Ross McCredie, CEO for Sotheby's Canada told the source.

The Globe and Mail recently reported that some Canadian residents are unhappy with the fact that they pay 62 percent more for their homes than the average American. However, McCreadie said that hasn't affected the market.

"They see this as a stable country," he said. "They love our currency. And they see cities that have changed dramatically in the last 20 years and are much more appealing to an international buyer."

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