15 Sep 2013

#TIFF #Toronto Film Festival Closing Doors For Another Year

tiff Troonto 2013

It was really one of the best years ever for TIFF. So many stars came up to Toronto to be part of the festival.

But behind the scenes are networks of support staff, workers, film producers, directors, script writers – anyone and everyone – in and outside of Toronto, working to make the deals for these new movies and passing “hush, hush” secret scripts for next year’s and years’ following. All of these things happen while all the public’s events are happening.

Our Toronto TIFF Film Festival has become so big that it is one of the World’s Top 3 Events for promoting films.

At Jiffy Self Storage we are very proud of the boost that TIFF gives to the Toronto economy. So its just not film people or film industry that benefits. It’s everyone in Toronto that benefits from this huge undertaking such as hotels, food suppliers, waiters, tourist operators, overtime civil servants, police, private security – you name it, they benefit. We congratulate everyone at TIFF that makes this world class festival one of the largest of its kind anywhere.

In fact, Jiffy Self-Storage provides storage services already to many in the industry. Currently we are storing movie costumes, bound scripts, financial records, props, POPs (point of purchase displays), print material and marketing collateral.

One of the items that we also store associated with TIFF are trade show displays, such as folding aluminium structures used with back drops, displays, marketing incentive pieces, just to name a few.

Many people that frequent Toronto for trade shows and for TIFF even only one time per year find that it is cheaper and easier than shipping these types of materials from their local warehouse or as far away as New York, Hollywood California, Las Vegas, Chicago and Miami. Customs is supposed to streamline the brokerage and shipping process but I cannot tell you how many times people we rent to got their displays and collateral days late. Our clients have found that often when displays come up from US or beyond that sometimes critical parts go missing and panic takes place when assembling products for the big show.

It easier to store close to the City where the show takes place and you don’t have to worry about Peter robbing Paul’s stuff cause Paul needed to borrow just one small critical part for the time being.

To encourage more TIFF support and networking staff to store at Jiffy, we are giving a discount coupon to all TIFF support staff, workers and exhibitors that want to safely store their stuff in a secure, climate controlled environment. Just click here for your discount coupon.

And yes, the $798 million dollars that was the amount mentioned as the boost to Toronto’s economy (that came from Toronto’s Globe and Mail). So even trickles come down to us guys and yes, we appreciate the business that we receive from TIFF and all involved in the Toronto Film Industry.

Jiffy Self-Storage is ecstatic about the support the public at large provides and the success of this years TIFF 2013 festival. We congratulate TIFF and look forward to doing more secure storage business in Toronto with TIFF in 2014.1A old new high res sq logo

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