12 Dec 2011

Environmental group launches cash for cans campaign

Whether packing them in bags or putting them in storage to turn in at a later date, a nonprofit environmental organization is encouraging Canadians to save their cans, as they are worth money.

According to Consigneco, nearly 400 million aluminum cans are not turned into retailers each year. This has robbed Canadians out of $21 million, as the cans are refundable at various locations.

To encourage more people to recycle these cans – and improve the environment at the same time – Consigneco recently announced an awareness campaign that reminds consumers to save their cans after drinking them rather than throwing them away.

"Your cans are valuable," said Pascale Demers, Cosigneco spokeswoman. "Returning them first and foremost benefits the environment, but it also makes economic and social sense."

Besides the money Canadians can earn by turning cans in, she also said this does the public a service, as it simplifies the sorting process and reduces environmental impurities.

While each can generates a refund of only a few cents, packing and storing them to turn in later can bring a more significant rate of return.

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