Why You Need Secure Storage For Your Fine Art
23 Jul 2018

Why You Need Secure Storage for Your Fine Art

The whole journey of preparing a piece of fine art, be it a painting, a sculpture, or anything else, is extremely exciting. Like all other precious goods, pieces of fine art need to protected and preserved in secure storage units that keep them safe and even reach the receiver in the exact same condition if the artist wishes to sell or gift it. The right kind of storage units go that extra mile to preserve not just the final outcome, but every emotion and every trace of labour and thought expended in breathing life into it.

If you are wondering why you need secure storage for your pieces of fine art, take a look at these reasons to help you gear up and give them a safe shelter.

  1. Safety

    First and foremost, we need to talk about the safety of that piece of fine art which is the outcome of several hours of hard work on the artist’s part. Your fine art may have bids of thousands of dollars from buyers but without ensuring its safety, it may all come to naught as you expose your fine art to theft or damage.

    A proper and secure storage facility or vault ensures that this doesn’t happen. Your piece of art will then only be accessible to the authorized people. Depending on your budget and the worth of the fine art, you can secure it in the finest of vaults which are the best of their kind. At a viewing area where the fine art may already have been put on display, the best vaults will give access to screened and selected personnel for its maintenance. Look for backup generators as well to ensure continued security in case of an emergency.

  2. Protection

    From natural disasters to man-made ones, there are many threats that your fine art may become exposed to. A secure vault will do away with all these threats with the help of smoke detectors, a fire suppression system, heat-activated sprinklers, and other safety measures.

    These need to be checked from time-to-time to make sure they’re in their best condition and always functional to keep any such threat at bay. In case you were unaware, technological advancement has also given artists the provision to employ climate and temperature-controlled vaults for both limited pieces as well as an array of works for someone who has a big collection.

  3. Specifics of Fine Art Storage

    If you’re still questioning the need for secure storage for your fine art paintings, here are a few things you should know about how time, along with other factors, affect paintings of different kinds.

    Oil Paintings:

    The most commonly used oil in oil paintings, at the present date, is cold-pressed linseed oil since it dries quicker than the other. On the downside, it also gets yellow quickly. Although some paintings are made even more valuable with time, some are left unattractive and lack their initial luster.

    Oil paintings are also more susceptible to getting cracked than other kinds of paintings; they can flake due to the material getting hard – they can even take up to a year to dry, depending on the kind of oil used as the carrier. Even if you apply a layer of varnish as a protectant after the painting has dried, it is still left susceptible to the damages of time and temperature if not secured properly in a vault that controls the lighting as well as the temperature to ensure minimum damage.

    Acrylic Paintings:

    In case of acrylic paintings, there seem to be limited findings on the long-term effects since it’s a relatively new kind of painting discovered in the 1950s. However, what we do know is that they need more care as they tend to attract dust and dirt. A secure storage will not only protect it from theft, natural disasters, and man-made disasters, but will also ensure its proper maintenance and care.

  4. Insurance

    If in an unfortunate turn of events, your painting does get inflicted by some form of damage, no matter what its nature is, what will you do? If your storage is secure enough, and beyond just being physically secure, it will provide you with an insurance for your works of art.

    So, you can feel slightly relieved that even if your paintings do see the end before they should have, you will receive remuneration to start again because art never ceases to exist. In fact, if you have a vast and extremely valuable collection of fine artworks, you should even consider getting yourself a private vault.

  5. In Case You Have to Move It

    So, your work of fine art has been purchased by a proud buyer and needs to be moved a certain distance, or, perhaps you have decided to gift it to a special someone and it needs to be shifted to them. Even in that case, your artwork requires as much if not more care and a secure storage to avoid any damage en route to its destination.

    A proper and secure storage facility will take care to preserve the painting first by applying any protectant (depending on the kind of the painting), packing it appropriately, and then moving it in the safest way. It should be left up to an expert as to how a piece of fine art should be packed. Safe transportation of the fine art can only be ensured after it has been perfectly and securely packed.

    For more information about storage units near you, call Jiffy Storage at (416) 745-4339 or contact us here.

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