31 Jul 2015

Your Ultimate Moving Checklist

What makes this checklist ultimate? Well, other than having everything you need to do, it’s arranged in the order you need to do it! Start ticking items off right away, and you will have a smooth and fun move.


  • First purge: This is just to start. If any furniture or other large items won’t need to make the move, then junk it. While you’re at it, take a good look through your belongings, and get rid of anything you don’t need. Purge your closet of old clothes, go through old papers, and have a good look at any piles of junk.
  • Start Eating Freezer Bags: Frozen food is hard to move, especially over long distances. Enjoy it now and avoid some difficulties later on.
  • Price Compare: Get at least three quotes from moving companies and decide which one works best for you.
  • Arrange for Storage: If there are any items that you won’t need at your new home for awhile, consider putting them into storage.
  • Find a New Doctor: If you’re moving to a new city or town, look early to get accepted by a new family doctor.
  • Transfer School Records: School records take forever to transfer, so save yourself and your kids some grief by applying to move them early in the process.
  • Read the Moving Insurance Policy: This will affect which items you need to declare.
  • Identify and Declare Any Valuables Specified by Insurance: Typically, an item worth more than $250/lb, even non divisible items like laptops, will be included in this.
  • Pack Non-Essential Items: These can include kitchen gadgets, fancy clothes, and sporting goods
  • Switch your Utilities: Get power, water, and internet all lined up in your new home.
  • Handle Change of Address Paperwork, Subscriptions, Etc.: Make sure everything is headed towards your new home.
  • Outdoors Clean: Pick up everything from your lawn and perform enough maintenance to satisfy your buyers or landlord.

  • Transfer Medical Records: Doctors’ offices are much more on top of things than schools, so you don’t need months of warning to make sure the records get moved. Try to give them a week, though.
  • Check Medications: Make sure you have enough for a few weeks after the move. It could be difficult to get refills at a new pharmacy.
  • Move Valuables to a Safe Box: You’ll want to keep this box with you during the move.
  • Tune up Your Car: You will be driving back and forth a lot on your moving day, and a breakdown will completely mess up your day. Do what you can to make sure your car holds up.
  • Transfer Banks: This is a much easier step than it used to be, thanks to computerized branch banking. All you need to do is notify your bank of the move and, if you have a safety deposit box, transfer its contents.
  • Confirm with the Moving Company: You should reconfirm your date about two weeks before the move
  • Pack Suitcases: Pack anything that you will need in the first few days before you can get settled.
  • Defrost Freezers: This will take at least 24 hours.
  • Work out a Payment Option: Most movers will not take a personal cheque, so get a money order, free up space on your credit card, or take out a whole lot of cash.
  • Take Inventory: Make a list of every box and item.
  • Final Clean: Clean as much as you can before the move, to avoid having to come back to fix the place up.
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