29 Jun 2015

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Moving With Kids

When it comes to your kids, you only want the best for them. You’ve given up the loft apartment in favour of a four-bedroom house with a sprawling backyard where your children can play while you sit and relax on the deck. Moving into a new home when you have kids, especially young ones can be a very stressful experience. However, these Do’s and Don’ts will get your through it!

How To Move With Kids

Do: Visit your new home with the kids in tow before you move.

Show them the house and explain that they’ll be getting more space and be able to make new friends with the neighbour’s kids. If you are moving out of province and can’t visit the home in person, show the kids where they’ll be living through Google Street View.

Don’t: Wait too long to tell your children you’re moving.

Let your children become accustomed to the idea of living somewhere else. If you spring it upon them only the month before your big move, their adjustment process will be anything but smooth. Unless your kids are in their teens, they may have trouble adjusting to something so drastic as a new home if they’re not informed beforehand. Give them extended time to say goodbye to their current home and, if you’re moving far, their in-town friends.

Do: Let them help with packing.

When it comes to packing up their rooms, let them give you a hand. In doing so they can tell you which toys and clothes they’ve outgrown and which ones they absolutely need to have unpacked as soon as you arrive at the new place. If you’re moving to a smaller space, consider storing their (and your) seasonal items in a storage unit. This will prevent valuable storage space in your house from going to waste on items that are not often used.

Don’t: Leave them to pack up their stuff all alone.

This goes for younger children. Teens can probably be left unsupervised to pack up their rooms and make sure their stuff doesn’t get smashed when it goes into a box. For young kids, they may throw valuables into the box willy-nilly leaving it susceptible to damage.

Do: Turn moving day into a game.

Your kids may be too young to lift anything themselves, but give them a fun title like “Moving Day Hero” or “Princess of Moving” so they feel involved. Give them entertaining tasks like counting boxes as they’re loaded onto the truck and reward them with prizes.

Don’t: Leave them up to their own devices on moving day.

When you turn moving day into a game, you’ll always know where your children are. It is dangerous to leave your kids alone when there are heavy items being lifted. They could become trapped and/or hurt.

Ensure that children always have supervision, remain out of the way of movers and people transporting heavy items, are well prepared for the move in advance and you’ll have no problem getting to your new home savely!

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