3 Aug 2015

How To Avoid Damaging Clothes During Long-Term Storage

A lot of us go through our clothes before each season and store away anything that won’t be useful for the next few months. For instance, during the warmer weather months, we have no use for our winter clothes, and during winter, we have no use for tank tops and shorts. It only makes sense to store these clothes until they are needed again. This will surely free up closet space.

Avoid Damage With Long Term Storage

If you do not store away your clothes properly, they could end up ruined from pests, weather, mildew, or mold. After any of that happens to clothes, they are ruined and can never be worn again, therefore it is crucial that you store the clothes away so that nothing can get to them.

Advice for Proper Storage

  • Make sure all clothes are washed or dry cleaned prior to storing them away. All winter clothes will need to be thoroughly cleaned as to rid of the salt that might be on them from the winter. The salt will ruin the clothes and eat away at them as they are stored until next season.
  • Use an airtight storage container that is capable of keeping the clothes dry. The best type of container would be a plastic one with a sealing lid.
  • Store the clothes with a fresh scent in order to keep them from smelling bad when they are pulled out of storage. Many people choose to use potpourri sachets.
  • Toss mothballs around the unit to keep away any pests.
  • Make sure you keep the containers off of the storage unit’s floor to prevent moisture from getting to them. This will also protect it further from pests.
  • Keep the storage unit as clean and organized as possible. Store the clothes somewhere where you can easily get to them when you need to.
  • Climate controlled units are best for storing clothes. It will keep them in their current condition

If your clothes are something you take great pride in, then packing them appropriately is important. Clothes are fragile and will easily suffer when stored improperly. Make sure they are neatly folded and put into plastic containers in a temperature controlled environment. The cleanliness of the clothes and the unit is also a very big deal in proper storage. As long as you pay mind to all of that, your clothes will come out of storage the same condition they were stored in.

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