Best ways to store your jewellery and prevent tarnishing
28 Dec 2020

Best Ways to Store Your Jewellery and Prevent Tarnishing

Designer jewellery, gold, silver, and antique heirlooms often come with a hefty price tag. It’s no wonder that we’d want to keep these items in pristine condition so they can be enjoyed and worn for many years to come and passed down to future generations. In this guide, we will discuss how to store your fine jewellery to prevent tarnishing and damage. With some simple yet effective tips, you can prolong the life of your jewellery and keep it shiny for longer regardless of what kind it is. The right type of storage is definitely the key to safely keeping your belongings, especially when it comes to pricey and exquisite jewellery!

Organize and Store Properly

The first step to ensuring your jewellery is stored properly is to organize items by separating them by their type of metal or materials. As a general rule, keep your costume jewellery away from genuine gold or silver so that they have no chance of interacting and tarnishing. Furthermore, keep gold with gold and silver with silver. If you can get separate concealed boxes or units for each item, this will be even better as it will keep pieces from mingling together and chains from getting tangled. Keeping some space between each piece of jewellery is a good idea. You should also decide whether you want to keep certain items on display or store everything inside your jewellery box or case. Keep in mind that heat and light can deteriorate certain metals, so if you do choose to display items, try to keep them away from direct sunlight as much as possible.

Clean Before Storing

Another major step that will make a visible difference in your jewellery’s quality is to clean each piece thoroughly before storing it. This ensures that no dirt or grime can tarnish them while they are in storage. This is especially true if you have worn your jewellery regularly, as they may have been exposed or interacted with body lotion, creams, or perfumes that can linger on the metals and cause damage. Don’t use any harsh chemicals or cleaners on your jewellery. You can clean most pieces with warm water and mild soap, but an anti-tarnish cloth and jewellery polish are good investments as well to leave precious metals shiny and spotless before storing.

Wrap Pieces in Muslin

Anti-tarnish cloth such as muslin is great for preventing tarnish on your most prized jewellery pieces. You can simply wrap your jewels and metals in this cloth to store it away or occasionally give them a wipe whenever you take them out or after wearing them. This will only take a couple minutes and will help keep sweat, dirt, lotion, and more from accumulating on your jewellery and tarnishing it over time.

Use Silica Gel

If you live in a hot climate with humid and warm conditions, you might benefit from putting some silica gel in your jewellery box. This is because silica gel helps absorb excess moisture, which can cause your precious pieces to tarnish prematurely. If you have some silica gel packs that you’re unsure what to do with, toss them in your jewellery boxes alongside your jewellery. Even if you don’t have silica gel, activated charcoal will also do the trick.

Store Away from Warmth and Humidity

Warmth, humidity, and light can all contribute to jewellery tarnishing. This is why it is often advised not to swim or bathe with jewellery on and to keep it in a dry, dark place when not in use. So, while you might not benefit from storing your jewellery in places like the bathroom (where heat and moisture could be an issue), storing them in your closet or bedroom should be fine. If you prefer to keep your valuables away from prying eyes, you might even consider using an offsite premium storage unit to store your jewellery and fine pieces. Whatever you decide, make sure your jewellery is in a secure location that nosy roommates, visitors, or burglars can’t easily access. Some people even choose to keep their valuables in a safe under lock and key or a combination lock for extra peace of mind.

Choose Jiffy Self Storage

Quality jewellery is meant to be timeless and last for years, which is why it’s so important to take proper care of these items. If you plan on keeping these types of valuables offsite in a storage unit, choose one that is safe, reliable, climate-controlled, and equipped with high-level security. For more information on premium storage and keeping your fine jewellery, please contact Jiffy Self-Storage at 416-74-JIFFY (54339) or contact us here. Our team of knowledgeable associates would be happy to help you find the right type of storage to keep your valuables and precious items safe 24/7.

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