5 Feb 2016

9 Tips To Organize Your Jewelry

Jewelry is an investment, which is why it is important to take care of it by keeping it organized and in a safe place. This will make your life a lot easier when you go to find a specific piece to complete an outfit and will also contribute to a clutter-free home.

Tips To Organizing your Jewelry

Here are some tips to organize your current collection, which will suit any style of home with any amount of space. Even better, a lot of these storage ideas use materials that most will already have in their homes, without having to spend a dime!

Short on Space:

  • Use a Pegboard. This is an inexpensive way to store jewelry that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Simply paint the board to better mesh with your decor and hang it on the wall. You can even consider adding a frame to make it more chic!
  • Repurpose a Wooden Hanger. This is great option for those who are lacking space and don’t want to spend any money. Paint the hook your desired colour and then screw in enough eye hooks to cover the length of the hanger. Ensure that the weight of the jewelry is balanced on both sides and then hang it on the wall (or hide it away in a closet).
  • Repurpose a Cork Board. Simply cover the cork board with a piece of fabric and hang the cork board on the wall. Use thumbtacks to hang your jewelry.

For DIY lovers:

  • Hang Necklaces on Door Knobs. Find several small decorative knobs and screw them into a piece of wood. Consider painting the wood to add a pop of colour to your room and then simply hang on the wall. This option will make your jewelry extremely accessible and is great for those without a lot of storage space. It can also serve as a decorative piece in any room or, alternatively, simply hang it on the back of a door or in a closet, if you prefer to have it out of the way.
  • Upcycle a Glass Bottle. This is a stylish option and would be ideal for those who like to display their jewelry. Simply spray paint the glass bottles your desired colour and stack bracelets and necklaces on the neck of the bottle.
  • Repurpose a Picture Frame. This option is very versatile and can match any style of room depending on the frame. Simply remove the window frame and replace the area reserved for a picture with a layer of soft foam covered by the fabric of your choosing. This way you can add pins to house necklaces and bracelets, or you can simply insert the ends of earrings.
    Using Household Items (Inexpensive and Hassle-Free):

  • Display Jewelry in China Cups and Saucers. For a more sophisticated and vintage way to organize your jewelry without having to put in much effort, consider putting your china cups to use by placing them on your dresser and filling them with all of your jewelry. Alternatively, place them inside a drawer for a more discreet storage option.
  • Ice Trays, Muffin Tins or Cheese Graters. Ice trays and muffin tins are a good option for storing small items like earrings and rings in a drawer for those who prefer to not display their jewelry. Or for an additional kitchen option, you can consider painting a cheese grater and then simply hang your earrings from it!
  • Trays. Most households have a variety of trays lying around. Make use of these by simply placing all of your jewelry on them, either putting them away in a drawer or displaying them on top.

You only need to set aside a little extra time to be able to organize your jewelry, keeping it in top condition. Follow these tips and you’ll be organized and clutter free in no time!

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