The Best Way to Organize Your Small Kitchen Appliances
9 Nov 2020

The Best Way to Organize Your Small Kitchen Appliances

If you want to get the most out of your kitchen and appliances, you ought to be storing items efficiently and according to how often you use them. It also might depend on what type of cook you are and your overall lifestyle.

Part of being a good cook and making delicious recipes ensures your kitchen space is organized and ready to be used in an instant. If you are looking for kitchen organization tips for your apartment or condo in Toronto — or any kitchen tight on space — you’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading to discover some of the best ways to organize your small — but mighty — kitchen appliances so that you and your family can enjoy great food more often.

Evaluate What You Have

The first step to organizing any space is to take stock of all items you have and evaluate what you use and don’t use. Take out all of your kitchen appliances to visually see them and be honest with yourself about how often you use these items.

You may find that you keep a lot of unnecessary appliances that just take up counter space. Maybe certain items could be put to better use or used more often. Whatever the case may be, start separating items by what you will keep and what you plan on throwing away. Prioritize utensils and appliances with multiple uses, as these can save you time and money when cooking.

Designate Countertop Space

Now that you know what items you should be getting rid of, you can designate precious countertop space to a few essential and frequently used appliances. These might include your coffeemaker, toaster and blender.

If you have fancy, high-quality appliances that you want to show off, now is the chance. But don’t be impractical. Save countertop space for the devices you reach for daily, and if you don’t have enough countertop space or prefer to keep your countertop clear, use the lowest and most accessible cabinet shelves to store these items instead.

Declutter Cabinets and Shelves

Give your kitchen cabinets a good cleanout. That goes for more than just appliances as you may have to get rid of items sitting on the shelves that you barely touch, such as spices, expired products, canned goods, etc. Consider donating to a local food bank if there are non-perishables.

The goal here is to get rid of items you don’t use to make room for the things you do — and any new items you might want to bring in. Put appliances that you don’t use that often in your top shelves and make sure you keep a stepping stool nearby in case you need to access it.

If you need to maximize space, you may want to store items in slide-out cabinets or lift-up shelves below the counters. These nifty options ensure you are using your kitchen space to the fullest while keeping clutter and appliances hidden.

Put Your Toaster on a Cutting Board

Another great hack for keeping efficient in the kitchen is storing your cutting board under your toaster. This makes it easy to maneuver because you want to keep your toaster out from under your cabinets while in use — so steam doesn’t damage your cupboards — and tucked away nicely when not in use. Storing your cutting board under appliances like the toaster will make it easier to slide them out from under the cabinets when you need to use them.

Recycle, Donate or Sell

If you aren’t using your appliances, it would be wise to give them to someone else. If the devices are in good working condition, and you simply have no use for them anymore, think of friends, family, or co-workers who might be able to use them.

If you don’t want to give away the items, you could always post an ad on social media to sell them at a discounted price. If you don’t happen to know anyone who might want your used appliances, you can choose to donate them so that someone else can benefit from them. It’s a choice that will make you feel better in the long run, knowing that these items aren’t just sitting in your cabinets collecting dust.

Use a Cart for Extra Appliances

If you have many appliances that you use frequently and not enough space for them all, you could consider investing in a cart with wheels to keep in your kitchen. You can store your Instant Pot, cooking utensils and anything else you might want to keep handy and easily accessible. Not only is a kitchen cart great for additional storage, but it can also work well with décor and look super cute in any kitchen.

Maintain Order with Self-Storage

Now that you’ve gotten rid of what you don’t need, decluttered and organized your space, you can finally relax — but not for too long! The key to keeping and maintaining a clean kitchen is to tackle clutter regularly, so it doesn’t get out of hand.

Don’t go crazy buying appliances you’ll rarely use because they’re on sale or in fashion. Don’t hoard items if they’ve been sitting unused for too long, and you don’t plan on using them anytime soon. Keep up with maintenance, and go through your cabinets occasionally to avoid clutter piling up. If you find that you have more appliances than space, consider renting a self-storage unit for the kitchen appliances that you don’t use as often, but don’t want to part ways with just yet.

For information on self-storage units and how they can be used to store appliances, call Jiffy Self-Storage at 416-745-4339 or contact us here.

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