Amazon And The Future Of Warehouses
15 Mar 2018

Amazon’s Underwater Storage Facility Is The Future Of Warehouses

Amazon is one of the world’s largest, most innovative and successful companies who consistently redefines what it means to operate a warehouse based on the online sale of goods and merchandise. As of last year, Amazon had plans (in the form of a patent) to use either man-made pools or existing bodies of water to store consumer goods while they wait to fulfill orders. It is indicative of the explosion of e-commerce and the dire need for storage that go along with it. The more businesses that are out there serving consumer markets, the more space that is required to fulfill those potential orders.

The proposed plan for the Amazon underwater storage facility is quite startling. Each item would be stored in a water-tight container with a balloon attached to it that would allow the item to be moved up and down. As the balloon expands and contracts, the product will either sink further down or will move up closer to the surface to be retrieved. One of the main business advantages of the underwater storage facility is that in the ideal setting, most of the need for handling is removed from the equation. If Amazon requires more space, there is no need to build more walls, they could simply add more water to one of the pools or if it is close to a big city (many of which are close to large bodies of water), the storage is already readily available. More importantly, it is near the customers with the ability to continue to provide speedy delivery times.

The driving force behind much of the modern warehouse trends is efficiency, for which Amazon is certainly well known for through their Prime shipping option. By having water as the medium in which items are stored, the Amazon underwater storage facility would essentially eliminate the need for aisles, as well as any additional space that both humans and robots would require for basic functionality. This means that the warehouse dream of maximum and complete space utilization comes closer to a reality than ever before with technological advances like Amazon’s underwater storage facility.

Amazon has dedicated itself to pursuing any and every innovative idea and options available to ensure its warehouse logistics as efficient as possible, automating processes wherever possible and eliminating wasted space and time by any means possible.

At this stage, the Amazon underwater storage facility is merely a patent, but it is part of a broader warehouse trend which, in the world of hyper-competitive e-commerce, seeks to establish a competitive edge by making the shipping and handling process as cost-effective and as streamlined as possible, making up space wherever they can.

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