13 Feb 2012

Storage fire in Georgia destroys Gone With the Wind memorabilia

A recent fire at a storage facility in Atlanta, Georgia, has left renters worried and fans of the classic film Gone With the Wind saddened, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

According to the source, the fire that broke out last Thursday night destroyed or damaged 200 or the 400 self storage units at the facility. One of those units contained $200,000 worth of Gone With the Wind items. Pieces of movie history, such as foreign ads for the film and pieces of the set, are now gone forever.

The items were being kept there as overstock of the nearby Road to Tara Museum in Jonesboro, Georgia. Luckily, many of the more famous collector's items and memorabilia from the movie, such as wardrobe that cast members wore, the original script and the original copy of the acclaimed book were in the museum at the time of the fire.

Although losing movie memorabilia is a shame, many other families who stored their belongings at the building are also grieving the loss of their personal items.

Some, like Pat Duncan, a renter at the facility, are upset but understand that the items lost are just material goods.

"One thing I know is it's only stuff, Duncan told the publication. "Life and relationships are what's important."

People who rent affordable self storage in Toronto or anywhere else trust that their belongings will be safe in their units no matter what. However, accidents happen and it's always better to be prepared by getting the right insurance. Allan Barkin, owner of Jiffy Self Storage in Toronto recently told Global Toronto that potential renters should look for facilities that take extra safety precautions, such as using thick concrete for the floors and ceilings and offering sprinkler systems in each unit.

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