11 May 2011

Report: Storage industry in Canada strong, stable

A new report on the health of the self-storage market in Canada mimics that of the nation's economy: the industry is strong, stable and looks to improve in 2011.

According to Foy and Co. Investment Real Estate Services and its National Self Storage Review, many markets in 2010 reported improvements in occupancy, with several companies expanding their services in order to meet demand.

Toronto was no exception. The firm found that while occupancy declined somewhat in July 2010, several GTA companies are making up for what was lost, as companies say business has picked up and occupancy rates have grown.

While the storage business in Toronto in 2010 was solid overall, Foy and Company said the city with the highest achievement was Vancouver. The firm reports that Vancouver storage unit occupancy rates have remained steady for the past several years and 2010 was a strong year as well.

The Vancouver market may be thriving, but the quality storage units at Jiffy Self Storage Toronto are second to none. Jiffy Storage is a 15-time consecutive winner of the Consumer Choice Award, and when it comes right down to it, customers' views tell the real story about how a storage company is performing.

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