24 Jul 2012

Hiring a recruiter can benefit small business owners

The Globe and Mail recently answered a question from a small business owner in Toronto who was wondering if it makes sense to bring in a recruiter.

With concerns about her budget, the small business owner was unaware of a recruiter was worth the investment. Much like cheap storage in Toronto, recruiters free up a lot of time for small business owners who are faced with a number of different tasks on a daily basis.

According to the news source, many small business owners simply don't have time to screen all the candidates, evaluate their resumes, schedule interviews and check references; this is why bringing in a recruiter is a good idea because they are professionals in completing those tasks.

The best practice for small business owners is to use one recruiter. The newspaper said this can be beneficial in many ways as using the same recruiter can allow them to bring in candidates that they know are consistent with the values and beliefs held by small businesses, while they can also be trusted to give an honest evaluation of each potential job candidates.

Recruiters can also provide insights on why past hires haven't worked out, so they are definitely worth the investment, said the source.  

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