24 May 2012

Single women fueling Toronto condo boom

Recent data has shown Toronto is one of the hottest cities in Canada when it comes to real estate, but some may be surprised to learn that single women are fueling much of the boom in sales.

According to Moneyville, single women account for 20 percent of all real estate purchases in the city. That figure rises when solely condos are focused on – among these housing options, women represent nearly 30 percent of all sales. Realtors and condo developers say women make up an even larger portion of the buyers in Toronto's red-hot downtown area.

"Women have always made a lot of the house buying decisions, but now they have that mandate more than ever, and they can do it on their own, because they bring sizable incomes to the table," realtor Conrad Zurini told the news source.

Of course, with prices in Toronto on the rise, even the most successful home shoppers may have trouble affording a house or condo of ample size. Fortunately, self storage in Toronto allows these buyers to get more space for their stuff if they so choose.

Jiffy Self Storage has some of the most affordable Toronto self storage rates, making it a smart option for those who want a bit more space. Renting at a cheap self storage facility is a great way for homeowners to have extra room for their items. This can allow buyers to focus on smaller properties and pay less on their mortgage, as they don't need to store all of their items on-site.

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