20 Jan 2012

Organize your home for more storage

With the new year comes new challenges, and one main trend in resolutions this season is to de-clutter the home. Interior designer Shirley Meisels of MHouse Inc. in Toronto recently gave her tips on proper storage techniques and when to throw things out, The Globe and Mail reports.

According to Meisels, many people think to use their spare room as a home office, though unless you work from home, a home office is likely a waste of space. This may be even more true now as banking and record-keeping can mostly be done electronically, meaning there's no need for ample space to store it. Instead, Meisels suggests finding one nice piece of furniture that can house all necessary office items – paper clips stamps, pens, envelopes and more and turning the extra room into a family area or something more useful.

Another problem area in most homes is hall closets as these are typically home to the land of misfit puffy winter coats and accessories. Meisels reports people need three coats or fewer to get through any season. Those with more than that need to consider donating excess clothing or looking into affordable self storage in Toronto to keep clothing or seasonal furniture safe and out of the way. Once excess items have been relocated, the closet can be reserved for many items like coats, shoes, sports gear and more, ultimately taking up less space in the rest of the house.

Meisels also suggests homeowners go through their junk drawers, basements and garages to try and reorganize and get rid of unnecessary items.

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