9 Jan 2012

Make senior moves easier with self storage

Many seniors in Toronto, Canada, and throughout the world are beginning to realize that it is impossible to stay in their homes safely. Some may decide to move in with their adult children, while others may opt to move into assisted living facilities. In either scenario, a huge question that comes with such a big move is, "where will all of my stuff go?"

According to The Expositor, moving can be extremely stressful for seniors as their whole lives will be turned upside down.

"Moving is a life-altering event," Claudio Martin, who operates a small business that helps seniors move, told the publication. "It doesn't matter if it's voluntary or involuntary. The stress can be debilitating."

A way to keep all of their items safe and contained is to put everything in self storage. This way, the move can go smoothly and everything can then be looked at once the dust has settled. Seniors can then go through their possessions and figure out what must go with them and what can either be divided up and given to their kids or what can go up for sale.

Most portable storage containers are rented on a monthly basis, giving elderly residents all the time they need to sort through their old lives and make room for new endeavors. 

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