2 Jul 2013

Small businesses looking to reduce paper should utilize self storage

In today's world of mobile devices and social media, small businesses are increasingly reducing the amount of paper in their offices. This can not only make an office space look cleaner but it can improve overall efficiency.

Those looking to cut down on paper in the office will likely need to keep certain copies safe and sound for later reference. Self storage is a good solution for business owners looking to keep documents safe. Some facilities even offer climate controlled units to ensure the ideal conditions for ensuring documents are not damaged.

In addition to utilizing self storage, small business owners can implement document management systems into their business to help them reduce paper. These systems provide easy ways to not only get hard copies of documents onto a computer, but they also help a business organize all the information so it is easily accessible.

As the world grows digital, many are turning to online storage for their documents. However, it's always a good idea to have physical backups. Jiffy Self Storage is a leader in Toronto storage and can provide plenty of space for important files and other items. Those interested in learning more should visit Jiffy's website, where they can enter to win a free iPad 3.

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