9 Feb 2012

Can you store food items in self storage units?

More people around the U.S. and Canada are opting to start their own small businesses in hopes of making better pay than working for someone else. A large issue with starting a business is figuring out storage solutions for the products or supplies needed to run the shop.

According to SelfStorageBlog.com, catering and baking businesses have become all the rage lately with popular shows like Cake Boss and DC Cupcakes having such success. Some amateur bakers might decide to store their supplies at their home, however others are turning to using self storage facilities as a means to keep their items safe and out of the way.

The source reports that potential foodies looking to store their items in affordable self storage in Toronto or anywhere else should look for a business that offers climate controlled units. Interested renters might also benefit from getting a unit that's higher up, as it can help curb possible rodent or bug infestations.

Modern Baking Magazine recently conducted a poll among bakers to gauge how they feel the industry will do in 2012. According to the poll, 55 percent of people questioned feel there is a positive outlook for the industry in 2012, while 70 percent of the respondents believe their sales will increase from 2011.  

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