20 Mar 2017

Which Items Should You Store While Moving

Moving is no easy task. That is why moving companies make a killing; they know that people will go to great lengths and invest a lot of money to avoid having to do all of the heavy lifting themselves. The stress and chaos of moving is unavoidable, but there are certain tricks you can use to help make the process as painless as possible. If you haven’t considered storing certain items during a move, you might want to. Below are some items you should consider for short term storage while moving and why it makes sense.

What To Store While Moving


The first task should be to scour your house for anything that you have doubles of. The kitchen is a good place to start because most people have multiple pots, pans and extra dishware and cutlery that they don’t use on a regular basis. You are going to be preoccupied with just getting your life in order once you get to the new place, so that second or third cast iron pan is not going to be of immediate use.

Out of Season Clothes

It’s always a good idea to keep out of season clothes in self storage, regardless of the occasion (moving or otherwise), but it makes even more sense when you really are tight on space. If you are moving in the middle of July, all those winter jackets (and while you are at it, winter decorations) are completely unnecessary and can be kept in short term storage while you unpack the necessities of your new life in your new space.

Extra Vehicle

If you have a summer car that normally takes up space in the garage, it might be wise to keep it out of the way of the necessary items. Most people end up storing a lot of their stuff in the garage in the new home while they unpack, and having a vehicle that you are not driving, taking up space will make unpacking that much more difficult.

Spare Room Furniture

If you are in the process of moving, chances are you are not planning on having overnight guests, or family from out of time over for quite some time. The guest bedroom is going to be completely out of service until you and your family are comfortably settled into the new place, so there is no need to lug heavy, cumbersome mattresses, bed frames and dressers that aren’t going to be of use in the near future.

Many people feel that moving entails taking everything they own from one place to another, all at the same time. Short term storage is an option that is not considered as much as it should be. Keep in mind the above short term storage tips while moving and make the process as stress and pain free as possible.

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