17 Jan 2013

Toronto polar bear moves for species security program

One of the Toronto Zoo’s most beloved animals, the 15-month-old polar bear Hudson, will soon be leaving its birthplace. According to the Toronto Star, the young cub will soon make the Assiniboine Park Zoo his new home. The new zoo, located in Winnipeg, recently completed its International Polar Bear Conservation Centre, which is why the cub will be relocating.

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Hudson will be the first polar bear to live in the new conservatory, however, researchers hope he will be able to breed in the future.

Having Hudson take part in the Winnipeg Zoo’s Species Survival Plan might help regenerate the lives allegedlylost due to global warming. According to the National Wildlife Federation, polar bears are the first vertebrate species to be listed by the US Endangered Species Act. Researchers believe so many of them are dying because their habitats are melting, leaving them with nowhere to go and no time to hunt for prey.

There are several kinds of programs like the Winnipeg zoo’s, and there’s no doubt it will help in the future.

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