16 Mar 2012

Immigrant Investor Program helps millionaires move to Canada

Many people from around the world are looking to move to Canada, but establishing residency in the country can be a long process. The country does have a little-known loophole, however, known as the Immigrant Investor Program.

The Immigrant Investor Program allows wealthy people looking to move to Canada to immediately be granted permanent residency if they loan the Canadian government $800,000 for five years. The program has become immensely popular with elites, with many chartering private planes in order to sign up within minutes of the program opening. According to The National Post, the program has already reached its limit of 700 people for the year.

Government officials are now looking to re-work the program, reasoning that interest is so high that they could be getting more bang for their buck. The provinces that get the money are using it to invest in economic developments and help the country as a whole, so next year's program may see the minimum loan raised.

Canada is already a popular place to live, even for those who don't have millions in the bank. Those who are moving to Canada may need to look into self storage solutions in order to hold some of their stuff while they're in the process of finding a place to live. Fortunately, there are a number of options for affordable self storage in Toronto and other cities – and you certainly won't need to be a millionaire to get a unit.

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