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7 Feb 2020

Five Reasons Hiring a Moving Company Is Worth It

Moving is almost always chaotic, especially if you decide to pack and move everything yourself. Without the help of your family or friends, it’s practically impossible to move any heavy or bulky items. Plus, you’re likely to hurt yourself if you try to do more than you can handle, as your body eventually breaks down from fatigue.

The biggest reason why people avoid hiring a moving company is because of the high cost. It’s quite common to spend a couple of thousand dollars on a local household move, and nearly double that for a long-distance move. The cost of transportation accounts for about half of the amount, while the rest goes to other work such as packing and unpacking. Handling specialty or delicate items that require extra care also costs more. Also, keep in mind that you may be required to pay for insurance for the items being moved.

So, it makes sense to involve the professionals in as little of the moving process as possible. For some, this means getting a few friends to help you pack in exchange for a decent meal and drinks, or simply put some things in moving company storage and move them gradually at your own leisure or when it’s most convenient for you.

That said, there are some good reasons why you may want to hire a moving company, including:

1. Minimizing the risk of injury

If you try moving large, heavy items on your own, such as a huge piano, sofa, bed, or fridge, there’s a chance that it might escape your grasp and injure you or other people in the vicinity. Accidents can arise if you’re not well prepared, causing you and third parties around you to get hurt badly. Generally, moving heavy items such as furniture pieces on your own is awkward, as it requires multiple people or at least the right moving equipment. Moreover, you need to move those items twice: when moving out and when moving into your new home. Hiring a moving company eliminates the risk of accidents and injury.

2. Free up your time for other moving day matters

There are many things that you need to do before relocating, including informing your current utility and cable services that you’ll be moving and setting up other utility services in your new home. You might also need some time to prepare your new place and make it ready for moving in. Moving companies can handle the packing, transporting, and unpacking—or some of these tasks—depending on how much free time you need in order to reduce the burden and allow you to attend to other important moving tasks. Moreover, hiring moving professionals gives you access to a skilled workforce, relevant moving tools, trucks, and other resources to get the job done safely and efficiently.

3. Movers have the expertise and resources

Every business strives to operate efficiently, and movers have the skills and experience as well as the right tools and equipment to get the job done right. It’s difficult to plan well for something that you’ve never done before, and moving is not one of those things that you often do. So, you might overlook some moving basics, such as getting the right size of wrench to dismantle your bed or furniture, or even providing cushion material for your glass and ceramic kitchenware.

Moreover, professional movers have enough people to carry any number of items down or up a flight of stairs, while utilizing trolleys where possible to reduce fatigue and avoid accidents or injury. They will also have the right size of truck to transport all your items in one trip, which is one of those things you’re likely to over- or underestimate. Unfortunately, the borrowed truck from a friend may not come with a ramp, appliance dolly, hoisting strap, or other gadgets and equipment necessary for safe moving and loading. The truck might also be smaller, requiring you to make multiple trips. Hiring professional movers lets you take advantage of their resources for a safe and convenient moving process.

4. Your valuables will be insured

As professionals in the moving business, movers value the safety of their personnel and that of the items they’re handling. They not only make various efforts to avoid damage to your items during transport but also insure your belongings against theft or damage during transit, so you don’t suffer losses. For instance, movers typically use plastic covers and heavy-duty wrap for furniture to protect the items from dust, dirt, and damage.

Beyond that, the insurance helps to cover for any damages so you won’t have to go back to your pocket. If you accidentally drop your television when moving, you’ll have to repair or replace it yourself. But if the movers damage it, they will compensate you. Any licensed and reputable moving company should offer different insurance options to protect your belongings from damage.

5. You can enjoy financial savings in the long run

Although hiring professional movers can seem expensive, and handling everything yourself is a great way to reduce your moving costs, many uncertainties can end up costing you just as much hiring a moving company or even more. Many people tend to underestimate the costs of moving on their own. You may not consider that the rush could result in injury, breakage, or loss of valuables. Preparing a meal and refreshments for your helpers and entertaining them will also cost you. In addition, the time spent doing all this may translate to fewer work hours or more days off work that could affect you later on. You may also need to lease moving tools and supplies, rent a truck, and fuel it for one or more trips; plus, your items will probably not be insured.

Hiring a moving company helps to protect you from many small costs and inconveniences that could easily have been avoided.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re moving out of a four-bedroom home or a studio apartment, it’s virtually impossible to move everything yourself. And if you’re not planning on hiring movers, then it means that you’ll have to ask your family and friends for extra help. Those who know the challenges of moving will likely give excuses not to attend or appear briefly before rushing to address other urgent matters.

Moving is tiring and stressful, and no one wants to do it for free or small rewards. Rather than asking your loved ones and friends to wear themselves out for the sake of your friendship, you should hire movers to assist you. When all is done, invite your friends for a housewarming party as you share your moving experience with them.

For more information on the benefits of hiring a professional moving company, contact Jiffy Self-Storage here.

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