Tips to store belongings while travelling
15 Jun 2020

Travelling the World? What to Do With Your Personal Possessions

Whether for business or pleasure, travel is something many Canadians do throughout the year. What do you do with your possessions during a long-term travel itinerary, though? Storage spaces in Toronto offer a myriad of solutions to keep your belongings safe while you’re on the road or in an entirely different country. This is a great long-term or short-term solution, depending on your travel plans and current housing situation. There are also a few other options if storage isn’t your thing.

If you’ve ever dreamed about backpacking through Europe over the summer months or spending a year abroad teaching in Japan, you’ve likely stumbled upon the conundrum of storing your belongings. Most homes have far too many items to place with friends and relatives, and paying rent on a home you’re not going to live in is expensive. Here are a few ideas for storing or removing belongings from the travel equation.

Purge and Donate

Not everything we have in our homes is worth holding onto or finding storage space for. These hard facts become easier to face once you begin sorting through all the items in your home in preparation for your trip. From old clothing you haven’t worn in years to the broken skis you never got around to tossing out; there are bound to be belongings you don’t need to keep while abroad.

Purging your space of unwanted items is a great way to clean and declutter, while also minimizing your load. Donating items rather than tossing them out also lends an air of productivity to your cleaning spree. This way, you’re not adding to the landfill, but providing for someone in need.

Have a Yard Sale

Whether you put up signs around your neighbourhood and sort belongings out in the front yard or use an online market to purge your home of unwanted things, you can get rid of what you don’t need by selling it.

A yard sale helps to alleviate the added pressure of finding a home for clothes, toys, books, and more. It also provides some extra spending money for your trip, or to pay for somebody to care for your remaining belongings while you’re away.

Keep it All and Sublet a Furnished Space

Sometimes, trying to find new homes for your things is more work than it’s worth. If you have a lot of furniture, art, and other items that are harder to transport or that you need when you get back, subletting a furnished apartment is another great option.

A sublet is when another renter takes over your lease for a term. You can set the standards for this term in your contract, especially if it’s your apartment, condo, or house. When renting your space to others, it’s important to find a trustworthy place to store your special belongings, like:

  • Family heirlooms
  • Jewelry
  • Expensive electronics
  • Collections and hobby items
  • Musical instruments

Storing smaller items that hold meaning is much simpler than trying to put everything in your house away for the months you’ll be gone.

Pay a Friend to Keep Things Safe

A friend is more likely to get on board if you offer to pay them for their time. Ask them to come by twice a week to water plants and check on your belongings. Or, rent a pal’s garage or basement until you return. Either way, you’ll have a connection with the person watching your things, and you’ll know everything will be safe and ready for you when you return.

This is a good option for those who own homes and can’t forego making mortgage payments while away. It provides stability and safety, but it can increase your overall cost of protecting belongings.

Rent Storage Spaces

Finally, an option that many Torontonians turn to is renting a storage space locally. Storage units come in a variety of sizes and price points, providing affordable options for every budget and lifestyle. A few of the biggest benefits to renting a unit in a storage facility include:

  • Security cameras or on-site security guards
  • Large enough space for all your belongings including oversized furniture
  • Long-term rental options no matter your return date
  • Affordability
  • Convenience
  • Saving money on rent
  • Peace of mind during the trip

Finding the right self-storage is tricky because there are a few options to choose from, and you want to ensure your belongings are in safe hands. We often recommend that renters speak to storage facility personnel over the phone or in-person to get a better idea of their code of conduct and services. You can also read online reviews to be sure you’re partnering with a solid company that has been well-liked by past customers.

Another thing you should contemplate doing before renting a storage unit is seeing the unit in person. Sometimes, 10’ x 10’ sounds like a whole lot of space, but when you get there, you realize you need the bigger, 10’ x 15’ unit. It also helps to bring a list of the items you’re looking to store. This will ensure you get the right size for your needs.

Call Jiffy Self-Storage to Learn More

Here at Jiffy Self-Storage, we have been providing storage solutions to Canadians for many years. Our services are tailored to include long-term travellers and offer a safe place to store your things until you’re back home safe and sound.

We understand that no two customers are alike, and while one person may need to store their entire two-story home, another may only need to fill a unit big enough for small personal items or a one-bedroom apartment. With a variety of sizes to select from, you can keep everything, including large appliances and furniture, safe until your return.

If you’re planning a long- or short-term trip and looking for somewhere to keep your belongings safe until you get home, we can help. Contact Jiffy Self-Storage at 1-416-745-4339. Our friendly team is happy to walk you through your options and help you decide on the right sized storage space here in Toronto for your things.

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