21 Mar 2012

Top places to live in Canada

Canada has an extremely high standard of living, and a number of different cities across the country make good choices for those looking to find a place to live. MoneySense recently revealed its annual list of the best places to live in Canada, and Ottawa once again took the top spot.

Although the city did not dominate any of the many categories that the news outlet considered, it did consistently well in just about all of them, with no real weaknesses. The city of Burlington in Ontario came close in the second spot overall

One of the big movers on the list compared to the previous year was Toronto, which moved up more than 40 spots to crack the top 50. Toronto is considered a strong cultural city, ranking in the top 10, but issues like unemployment and healthcare hurt the city's score.

Lack of affordable housing was another issue Toronto was cited as facing, although this is alleviated somewhat by the affordable storage in Toronto. Those who are looking for housing in the city often use storage facilities as a way to give themselves a bit extra room, even if they end up taking a smaller apartment to save money.

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