5 Jun 2013

Tips for Canadian small-business owners in need of a new store

A small-business owner's store or office space might be the first and only thing a customer sees, meaning it is important it is organized and not falling apart at the seams. 

While small-business owners are sometimes inclined to make all repairs themselves, there a few things they'll want to consider. It is important to have the skills for the improvement you are looking to make, so don't just jump into a project. In addition, by solving one problem, you might have created another. For example, making a store or office more energy efficient with weather proofing can increase the risk of appliances leaking carbon monoxide, The Toronto Star reported.

Small-business owners are encouraged to look into more realistic options like self storage in order to make an office look more appealing, not to mention the freed-up space can help streamline business operation.

Jiffy Self Storage, a leader in Toronto storage solutions, is currently running a contest on their website for a free iPad 3. Visitors to the site simply need to match a few Canadian landmarks and they'll be entered to win the iPad or one of several other prizes.

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